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Do you smoke the resin out of your bong or pipe

  1. yes, and i get really high from it

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  2. no, thats gross man!

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  1. Do you guys smoke the resin that accumulates in your bong or pipe? I know it is pretty gross, but I usually make little hash balls with it and do hot knives on the stove. I have had some amazing highs from this stuff, eventhough it is pretty gross.

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  2. yea resin is the best, i see nuttin gross about it. the best is resinated weed (lookin to get that chamber pipe from the city shop but i been too lazy or too broke [​IMG] lol)
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  3. Resin is great...I see it as a bonus high after your stash is gone...So great when you're jonesing bad for a high and you find a bunch of sticky resin has accumlated in your favorite pipe...

  4. Any Port in a storm!!! :smoking:
  5. I've never tried that...what's the best technique for retrieving the resin?
  6. Just scrape it out of the bowl and wherever else it has accumulated with a knife, coat hanger, or similar. It may be easier to do if you heat it up first. I usually have a paper handy to wipe the real runny stiff on to so you can roll a joint with it for later. Roll the harder stuff you scrape off into little balls and volia - free hash balls!
  7. I save it in a jar....when it is full..I give it to a friend who seems to enjoy it mixed with male/female leafshake...he claims after it is mixed it burns like hash...and stones him well.

    I just can't stand the taste of resin personaly..

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  8. i was sitting around moaping reading the boards cuz i'm dry when i came across this post. I forgot all about the resin trick! I ran upstiars scraped out 3 different bowls. Smoked a bowl of resin..not a single flake of weed and i'm feeling great right now! Works wonders in a pinch
  9. i like it-its not one of my favorite methods-but ya know i really dont mind since it gets me high
  10. I tried this last night since I have ZERO weed left (hint hint Boston people please throw me a lifeline -- LOL)! It really worked! It was admittedly a little gross to manipulate, and I was laughing at myself the whole time, but it's definitely worth the effort if you're out. Thanks guys!!!!
  11. My brother's 2 1/2" color changing glass pipe was black after having it like 8 months, and I just lit the bowl seeing what happened and to my suprise the thing lit like it was full of weed. Damn bowl got hot after awhile, but oh well...
  12. I clean my pipes and bong too much to have any resin accumulate that was enough to smoke. if it wasn't for that i would smoke it, it's not dirty at all.
  13. yeah.. not the tastiest of things, but we just cleaned out phishheads' slide, and there's WAY too much resin to just toss, so i threw a little sticky ball of it in my pipe Sunday morning & was blazed for quite awhile off that little ball of resin.
    It makes me sleepier, though so I try not to smoke it if I have to do anything productive :D
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