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smokin stems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by piffcity09, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. if i grind my stems to kief/dust and packa bowl of it will i get high? no weed:(
  2. dust is not kief, kief is only trychomes. i dony recomend doing it, you'll only get a headache.
  3. I doubt you would feel much. if anything. May have better luck scraping your pipe or whatever and smoke the resin.
  4. yeah i thought that but doubt i can get much res out of it how much would i need? my tolerance is low
  5. Vape them!


    Bake them!
  6. chew the stems!

    or smoke em if you wish to destroy your throat for a small buzz
  7. The dust you are referring to is most likely finely ground up bud and keif. Smoke that. Not the stems
  8. you dont need much, about the size or a pencil eraser or so will get you feeling alright. Ive found a toothpick or a very small flat head screwdriver to scrape it out.
  9. fuck guys i brokemy spoon wilst trying to scrape the bowl i pushed too hard down on the bowl and a tiny piece smashed theough and the hole is just about too big .... but i got the piece of glass and jammed it down there and it seems to have got jammed in there so i guess its repaired but im still pissed off :( oh and i smoked some kief from my grinder some stems and some burnt bud from a previous sesh and im quite stoned woo hoo
  10. Lol I would be pissed if I broke my spoon.
  11. dude.... if i had a tray full of kief i wouldnt be worried about stems

    check out some hash making techniques

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