Smokin stems?

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  1. hey guys. just pickedu p half an o and man. some good bud.andi also started a stem collection. is tehere any use whatsoever for them? ive heard ppl say use them for hash...but to be quitehonest, idont know what that is!!! and i smoke fairly often! haha

    and how dose one make brownies?
  2. dude if there are enough stems I would just brake them up and put them in your bowl and smoke them hah theyll get you high, but may give you a headache.
  3. fuck stems.. you have a half o dude.. smoke that.
  4. I toss big stems and smoke small ones mixed in with everything else.
  5. exactly what i was thinking. the only time i use stems is to smoke when i have nothing, or for green dragon once in a while. smoke them more for the taste than anything...won't give you much of a buzz. once you smoke that half you'll probably have plenty of resin though.
    as for the green dragon...i would definitely consider. put them in some strong alcohol for a couple weeks, shaking every day, then strain it. gets you drunk and high at the same time!
  6. I'll tell you personally I don't mid smoking stems, if that's all I have but after all they do taste like a camp fire!!!! Keep smoking my friend + rep for a fellow smoker keep it up my friend.
  7. maybe u can make like tea or something. put it in a teabag. pour milk in a mug, then put the teabag with the stems in it in the mug. then pour boiling water into it. idk if it would work but il try it one day.
  8. make some firecrackers, they will get you stoned
  9. yea. i figured. never tried stems, never will...everyone seems to say dont. haah. fuck it. anyone ever make tea with em? orbrownies?
  10. I'm about to go smoke a bowl of grinded up stems... should be some kief crystals in there..... but I'm not expecting much. :)

    damn this drought in philly!!!!!!!!
  11. then youll be eating stems :hide:
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  13. word yo! :smoking:

    I'll go ahead and chop up the real small stems with my nug but actual stems..or smoking only stems..hell no.

    I'll smoke resin if I'm dry but not just stems.
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    do that ^

    Or, make some ISO hash
    It won't be the best with just stems, but it will work.
  15. This works...... Well I've made stem Coffee. I used my grinder on my stems them mixed them in some coffee grounds; made a pot, and felt great all day at work. It's more of an alert high with the caffeine mixed in. "I quit enjoyed it."
  16. i hear they get you high, so fuck it.
    i pack them.

    except for in blunts or j's.
    but we all know thisss
  17. This is True my friend!!!!!
  18. grind em up
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    i grind mine to dust and vape it.
    Decent high, and an incredibly flavorful vapor.
  20. What's stem ? :)

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