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smokin seedz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mydriasis, May 28, 2010.

  1. all da dealers dont have any bud, but i have shit loads of useless seeds. what would happen if a crush all the seeds super well and make a bad ass joint?

    will it get me high?

    just wondering because i plan 2 do it right now. but not sure.
  2. No my they won't. Please throw those seeds all over a park and go back in a few months.
  3. lmao, i tried this one time jus to see what would man dont do it..
  4. You'll probably get a super head ache.
  5. Plans are useless unless you go through with them.

    Smoke that seed joint. Just post back with results.
  6. ok guys, i finished smashing a bunch of seeds almost to powder, i had enough for a midium size joing. first off, it tasted like shit. second, it woulnt stay lit, and third, tossed it to the trash after 3 hitz.

    no high on this one.
    now i know.
  7. experiment complete! woot
  8. I was going to tell you don't do it but I'm already too late. This reminds me of the time I resorted to smoking stems when I was dry...yes I was young haha. In case your wondering, the stems tasted absolutely terrible and actually gave me a headache.
  9. stems at least give a slight buzz. :/
  10. That might be a placebo, no?

  11. i mean, there is still some kief of the stems and possible resin hits = a slight buzz? idk but ive felt it.
  12. not at all. i save all my stems and smoke them when i cant get any bud. chop em up with a razor and smoke em. stems actually have a good amount of thc in them. granted the high only lasts about 30 minutes, but i still do it.
  13. I don't even remember if I got a slight buzz, all I remember is the taste of something putrid when clearing the bong and a splitting headache afterward. Not worth all the trouble I went through even if I DID get a slight buzz.
  14. im trying to stop smoking so i can look for a job....ive been smoking resin for a week and somehow still have some left lol
  15. plug 'em
  16. yeah this dudes right. They can have a little kief on them, how do you think hash is made using stems? probs need an low tolerance though to get anything.
  17. oh, the things we do when we are out of weed...

  18. If you save all your stems and get a fair amount of them, then it would be worth making either hash or oil. I have a baggie started but I'm saving until its actually worth turning them into something more pleasant to smoke.

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