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Smokin' like it's 4/20

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justweed, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Just got some stuff ready. 4 jays rolled, all by hand, ground up to perfection in my grinder, and my old kief collected in the test tube. It's a good 50ml :p And a baggy of some awesome dank, 15g (we paid 100 for a half but he tossed in about 1.4g extra :)) that my friend and I are splitting. Then you gotta have that bubbler!! And of course candy :D

    Oh, the J's are from some good high mids we had, about 2.5g total, and the bowl is there for on the go tokage :D

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  2. whats the occasion?
  3. I believe that's a nice set up and equipment
  4. Nice !
    lol @ all the candy
  5. How are you getting 16.4 grams of dank for $100? Over here that'll get you 8 grams of the some amazing dank.
  6. What cigar was in that tube?
  7. Life!

    Why thank you :)

    Friends with the dealer. Has perks :)

    That is a test tube full of kief :D

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