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Smokin' Bowls Every Hour

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I usually spark a bowl, wait an hour, spark another and maybe have a third after another hour. Is this too much?
  2. There is no "too much".
    It's how much you want to.
  3. I try to cram a couple bowls into an hour so I get a more potent high while I have it..

    But theres no such thing as to much herb :rolleyes:
  4. Too much? Too much...Weed?! Haha, no such thing.:cool:
  5. There must be a 'too much'. What if you ate a whole deca dose Cheeba Chew?
  6. keep going at it till u puke and/or pass out. Maybe u might have smoked a little to much by then
  7. What's your definition of too much? Getting really high, eating, and falling asleep? If so then I smoke entirely to much weed every day. ;)
  8. If you can afford it, monetarily or through other means, it's not too much. Hell, if I could I'd smoke three or four bowls per hour. Every hour. Of every day.
  9. Pot shouldn't make you puke.
  10. A whole one?! Fuckin' heaven.:cool:
  11. I heard a rumor it has been done. I think the girl who ate it was sick for like a week. So says the rumor.
  12. i try to smoke .3-.5 bowls every couple-few hours... usually someone has to interrupt my smoking like parents or whatever so i have to wait. And lately ive been only having 5g> so i have to conserve... gotta pay for my new car... but i get paid thursday so ill probably go out and buy another quarter... just got one lastnight for $75... before that i got one for $70... then $65 before that haha... I think he might make the price $70-75 depending on how much my buddy paid for it.

    Thinking about toking a bowl of this
  13. this summer my smoking schedule has been on average smokin' bowls every fifteen minutes. Hehe I'm a fiend now...
  14. How do you afford a bowl every 15 minutes?
  15. Yeah...I once heard a rumor of mass orgies, needless to say...So much for the rumors.:cool:
  16. I usually buy a quarter of decent mids for 30 every week or so.
  17. id love to have a mass orgy. and honestly when im trying to smoke ill smoke 2 bowls right next to each other like cash and load another then i wait an hour and smoke another. it makes my high last long and potent. also if you ever have .7 of a gram left or a little more instead of rolling a fat join roll 2 .3-.5's smoke one and see how you feel if you want another wait about an hour then smoke it. you will feel so much more
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    Plain and simple

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    Isn't that only like 2.5-3 joints to the face? I mean that doesn't seem too hard? That's what it says on there website atleast...

  20. my cousin buys like 20s every day

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