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Smokin affects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Druweed, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hi ive been smoking for a little over a year i could say but i have been really smoking over the summer. Like is there anyway i can control my high like when i smoke im not as chill as i want to be so is there a way???
  2. If you want to be more chill, just relax and be more chill. It's not like marijuana makes you unable to control how you feel.
  3. This is probably gonna be the most random question ever but, do you play WOW?
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    Exactly. I can change how I feel easily, and I firmly believe that your mindset going into the high is a major factor, if you're taking a fast toke in a sketch location to not get caught, you'll be nervous... And your high may be a bit more jittery. If you're laid back with some ear buds in playing some Red Hot Chilli Peppers :)hello:) and are in a good place, you'll be more relaxed.

    If I smoke while relaxed i have complete control over how I feel, I can just lay back and do nothing, or go dominate some people in beer pong at a party... It's all good.
  5. Ever tried growing an Indica? Or Finding an Indica? Couchlock FTW!!
  6. not trying to be a prick, but I think you're looking for *effects

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