"Smokers Lungs"

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  1. As many of you i'm sure have seen the pictures of "smokers lungs" all over the internet compared to healthy lungs. I've always been curious as to how many cigs does it really take to get like that they never ever hint to how many cigs the lungs were run through... i would also love to see a pair of marijuana smokers lungs ... but i would never trust a government study and it would depend upon the outlook of the scientific studies view on marijuana .. and chances are i wouldn't take it whole heartedly either?
  2. I drink, I smoke.

    You only live once.. Gotta live it up. :smoke:
  3. i here yah i could care less i barely smoke cigs and believe in my heart that marijuana is not physically harmful.

    im just one of those curious mother fuckers :D
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    I can only imagine what my lungs look like... I only smoke weed, but if i try to hack up a loogie, ther'll always be strands of black tar/resin shit in it. O well :)

    Edit: I gotta add, i smoke mad blunts everyday, which is probably more then likely the cause of my ailment.

  5. Probably into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of cigarettes.
  6. those fuckers ... theres a catch to everything i've probably smoked 25 tops so far in my life (cigs that is) and a shit load of herb bet my lungs are still pink.

  7. I mean this is just my personal assumption, but it would take a pack a day habit over at least a decade to get lungs like that. I've been smoking for 4 years and my lungs are healthy as an ox, run/swim/workout every day, never had any issues.
  8. word i would assume pack a day for over a decade is really the only way to get smokers cough as well
  9. nah...you can get smokers cough very easily actually..but that depends on how sensitive your lungs are to "yuck" in them
    i smoked roughly a 1/2 pack a day for about 4 yeahs *less for years before that tho too..been smokin for about 10 years* and i had to cough up what i affectionately call lung butter every morning...but i wasnt hacking a lung out durring the rest of the day...so idk

  10. Well Upper Respiratory Infections are pretty common amongst smokers, I get them every winter or anytime I spend alot of time smoking.
  11. if you use a vaporizer then nothing happens to your lungs
  12. Smoked for like 3 years, never once coughed up tar.

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