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  1. The high unpopularity of substance abuse is present in the American public even with substances as un-harmful as marijuana however more dangerous drugs nicotine and alcohol are seen as acceptable but why?

    Have you ever as a smoker asked yourself in the eyes of a peer how does you smoking that blunt differ to them in anyway than you hitting a line? Many smokers just like other hard substance abusers, are rude unless high, steal for the substance, and lack basic "Smokers Etiquette". If we are to ever legalize marijuana in the states we have to take the right step and strive to push ourselves away from the common hard drug abusers and by no means am I offending any hard drug abusers here its your choice just like its our choice to smoke.

    In my many years iv inducted quite a few people into my smoky circle, but always with guidelines and knowledge, a respectable smoker has Etiquette.

    The Smokers Etiquette
    ROTATION is important! Do not complain about your place in rotation, if its your bud hit it first and pass it to the left, if its not your bud then who are you to complain about when you hit it, you get to hit the bowl be happy your included not all of us have the luxury of having bud everyday. Rotation is also highly effective at keeping things in a easy to remember order when were all blitzed whose going to remember some backwards zigzag order?

    If you CANT ROLL, LEARN!! I cant stress this enough how many times iv been smoking and my fellow circle members have no idea how to roll a blunt or anything.. I take my rolling as a form of art if I can roll a perfect blunt of someone else's bud, iv done them a service and earned my part in rotation not just tagged along and expected to be part of it for no reason.

    MANNERS! MANNERS! MANNERS! just because your blitzed off your ass doesn't give you an excuse to spill your drink on someones carpet, ash on their carpet, or pull some typical asshattery like eating all their food in the house. Use the words please and thank you when asking to hit someone else's bud if your not in rotation, or are unaware if you are allowed to hit their bud.

    DON'T BE A MOOCH!!! This is the most important way to ensure you will always be included in rotation, lets say you have a group of four people, if member one supplies bud for day one, then members two, three, or four should supply bud another day. By supplying your own bud within the circle you will not be a mooch and when you have none, your fellow members will assist you as you have assisted them! I'v personally removed people from my smoking circle as they've either never supplied or supply so on a very timid basis, I understand that not everyone has the funds to supply bud all the time but that doesn't mean we need to supply for you if you do nothing in return for us!

    CAN YOU GO A WEEK WITHOUT BUD? if no, then you have no etiquette! remember the point of this thread is to make us not seem like hardcore substance abusers! Bud is not addictive!!!!! if you can't go a week without bud then your no better than a someone who cant go a day without shooting up, in the eyes of your peers you look like an addict and abuser!

    THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME! There's always a time and place to smoke bud! When your in your circle and you have no places to go or things to do within the next few hours. The smoking community is very diverse and being intoxicated in public will not only make yourself stand out but will make the non-smoking community judge you almost instantly! My point is there's many situations in which you do not need to be intoxicated in and many of us simply get blazed and just don't care about what people think, remember appearances are everything to the public and if you cant stay sober for 30 minutes to go do something in public eventually people will talk, ABOUT YOU!

    SMOKE SMART FOR SAKE OF THE COMMUNITY! like I said before there's a place and time to smoke! if you get caught with bud it affects us all, more police, more public community action, more need for drug dogs! remember there's no way to hide the grass when the dogs come so don't travel with your bud and if you must travel lightly!

    GROW UP AND GET A PIECE! If your still smoking out of aluminum please please please get a piece! I cant make you understand how bad the affects of aluminum are but in the eyes of a peer you smoking out of a can of Pepsi looks no better than a junkie free basing some rocks! Roll your bud or get some glass for sake of your own life!!!

    BUD IS NOT YOUR LIFE! In this thread i'm striving to make you understand that smoking bud is a privilege and a choice. Bud should be important to you like cigarettes to nicotine smokers but remember bud should not affect your grades and life decisions! your life and how it goes is all your choice and you should make the right choice before choosing bud over something else! Quitting bud for a month to make 12$ and hour is the right choice instead of looking for some under-payed fast food job at 7.25$ and hour just because you cant grow up and take a break!

    MAKE YOUR OWN CONNECTIONS! Everyone should have their own personal connection! and by connection I mean someone who has bud on them regularly, a connection is not someone who knows someone else to get it from. To ensure you don't get ripped off you need your own connections! A reliable connection! You wouldn't want to be the one entrusted to get the bud and come back money-less and empty handed because you got ripped off! All this leads to is people thinking your some abuser who will get ripped off for some bud because he couldn't wait for his regular guy to re-up or an idiot who let some guy walk off with his cash!

    EDUCATE YOURSELF! If someone you know walks up to you and tells you your an idiot and that smoking bud is going to rot your brain and make you into some abusive junkie what are you going to say? are you going to tell them to f-off and get aggressive? NO!! you should rebuttal with knowledge! only an idiot puts a substance inside his body without knowing its affect on themselves! so please know what your doing and how it affects your life and body! Who cares if they believe you at least you leave knowing the person you encountered is an uneducated stereotypical moron.

    PASS ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Your experiences good or bad pass them on to your friends and the people you introduce to bud! don't leave them struggling if we can smoke with etiquette then maybe one day we can legalize our great bud!


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