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Smokers Cough?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheJourney, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I haven't been able to smoke consistently for quite a while now. Nonetheless, I have found something when I HAVE been able to smoke. The last few times I have gotten weed, I have developed a little cough, to where it almost seemed like I had a minor cold. I'm not speaking, of course, of coughing while smoking, but rather just in general, say the day after smoking. So when I've smoked regularly for say a couple weeks, it has happened the last few times that I had a bit of a regular cough, almost like a minor cold, during that time period.

    Could be a coincidence, could be common, or whatever. Just wanted to post about it, and see.
  2. Your inhaling smoke, you will get a cough over time
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    Well yea, I know people develop smoker's cough in the typical sense from smoking over time. I'm speaking of, not smoking for a few months, then getting some weed and smoking for a week, and coughing over that week.
  4. [quote name='"Stonergirl42069"']Your inhaling smoke, you will get a cough over time[/quote]

    I never get a cough, except when i take a month long t break and hit the fresh green on a bowl
  5. maybe you're smoking with sick people? it happens
  6. TL;DR but as for smokers cough i have a small one from weed, not nearly as bad as tobacco.
  7. One paragraph too long to read :eek:

    sweet (just kidding :p)
  8. Work on your cardio, i run an hour a day on the weekdays, it helps, btw excersizing stoned, best thing ever
  9. Well yeah man everytime you smoke your deposit shit in your lungs

    I notice if I have more than couple hits before bed I wake up feeling congested and then I cough a bunch, hock up some nasty shit and then I feel less congested. Coughing is your bodies natural response to congested lungs, it's trying to clear all the shit out. If you smoke everyday for a long time though I guess you could become used to shit in the lungs and not cough because your sued to feeling that shit there. Kind of like a habituation affect.
  10. I play basketball almost every day, and I find that the coughing and stress on the lungs is worse if I stop smoking/eDabbing for a few days. I think it has something to do with the cilia being paralyzed while u smoke or some shit.
  11. I took up the clarinet recently.

    I noticed after the first one hour practice session I had coughed up a bunch of flem and lung shit. I am able breath much more clearly since. Pushing the air out of my lungs repetitively I think helps pushout other things that are sitting in there. Though my chest muscles do hurt after a long practice (chest muscles pull the lungs out expanding the lungs and pulling air in and push them down pushing the air out, incase any of you were unfamiliar with how lungs work)
  12. This happens to me too.

    Like I hadn't smoked for about a month then had a week or two of smoking everyday and in the mornings I could feel how bad my lungs felt. I would cough less while smoking, but more often when I'm not smoking lol.
  13. I've had an inconsistent cough since coming back from uni for winter break.
  14. I'm coughing like shit, but i've been sick for 2 weeks. :p

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