Smoked with my Mom a While Back

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  1. Thought I would share the story but it is not the experience itself that is the interesting part. But anyways so one night I'm at the house and my step dad tells me my mom has a present for me and he wouldn't tell me what it was. It crossed my mind it could actually be bud but I didn't know. Anyhow so It turned out it was bud and we went and smoked out of the shitty metal pipe I used way back when.

    She stopped after three hits and it surprised me I finished the bowl and still didn't feel high. It was a little awkward but it wasn't that bad then she left really high and went over to the neighbors. So I went inside and ate some food and was tripping watching jeopardy with my grandma while I was high.

    So I told a couple friends at school about it and only my stoner ones as well.

    So flash forward several months later when I started buying glass pieces and shit and passed on the metal pipe to my tweaker(he is not really we just call him that) friend. A friend of mine tells me about an experience he had smoking with some people he doesn't normally toke with. He was telling me this story because this dude's pipe had a carb on the wrong side and they smoked blueberry shit.

    So he finishes telling me about this story and remembers this one guy who was there the owner of the blueberry shit started telling him a story about how I smoked pot with my mom and we were apparently using a three foot bong, and in this story she wiped-out and I apparently straight up laughed at her and finished the bowl.

    So my buddy and I had a good laugh at this considering he knew the real story I guess my story about smoking with my mom got leaked somehow and blew up into this huge thing why these people never hit me up to smoke I have no idea.
  2. yea man, I had when shit gets blown of of pro portion.
    Like when I got caught in school with a bowl. I was in some local woods out of school range.
    Somehow it spread around that I was just smoking in the bathrooms at school and got caught. That was just 1 of MANY. lol
  3. I smoked with my mom 30 minutes ago, we're really high

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