Smoked With A Cop In Hawaii

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  1. ive smoked with a few cops
  2. hey local, i been reading some of your storys, great read all the time :p i was just wondering how old you were when you went to hawaii, i am planing on going there in the summer, road trip to cali then fly to an island. I just wondering
  3. G'day Mate :

    Sorry to here your having a bad go of it trying to get to Hawaii . It was on Kauai I met my first ( same beach area I smoked with that cop ) Ozzies , they turned me on to my first " Fosters " Ozzie beer . I thought it was a liter if oil at first glance heh heh heh .

    I have had a great time with Ozzies in Hawaii . Really hearty party people I found to share a campground with . They were down right animals on waves too great surfers & surfettes ! We had fun together .

    I hope you make it there some day . I would like to visit Australia & Tasmania .

    Greetings Legal Evil :

    I was 25 on my 1st. visit , 1975 , moved there 83 to 89 . Go there every summer if I can since . Moving back soon :hello: .

    Personally were I'm from ( Mojave desert area of southern Cal ) & Hawaii are what I call home . I have traveled extensively all over the USA a good portion of Canada ( west coast ) and lots of Mx . Hawaii has my heart . I love the desert in the fall , winter & spring , the summers sucks though

    Hawaii on the other hand is year round great over all . If you are able to handle driving in the rain Hawaii is a piece of cake . If rain gets to you don't go !

    For someone on a limited time schedule go in the summer months , less rain :eek: . If your going to try and score be aware there are rip offs and narcs there too . Oahu will cost you big time bucks for a bag . The outer islands are your best bet good luck and have a blast !


    Local Boy
  4. Thanks bro, great info, i wasnt even thinking about grabbing, when i read your post i was like dam, that makes enough sense. my OG plan was to cut south but Weed was deff part of the road trip so i am thinking i might just go west and avoid customs until i get to BC, so i can smoke some on the way, i just turned 19 few months ago, i been planning to go to hawaii for some time but the cliqshe of just flying is too boring for me, thanks for the info and advice, i ll be looking for more of your storys, later bro.

  5. Now THATS how to enforce the law.
  6. I've never smoked with a cop but I know a guy who seriously likes his drugs, he's like a hoover for drugs and he's training to become police.
  7. lol i was in hanalei this weekend smokin tha loads ahhaha
  8. Howzit bra :

    Your sir maybe one of those who have smoked from the same original seed stock that I left with :

    "Big Willie " :hello:

    after it went through a few mutations I'm sure ! :smoke:

    Hang loose man , when I go stay next time visit I go stay Kauai fo sua bra !

    Alooooooooooooooha !

    Local Boy
  9. haha i neva heard of big willie

    but i had some colorful juicy fruit. shit was good
  10. wow!! that's awesome! I live in Panajachel, Guatemala and most cops here smoke.. and they're my friends :D haha
  11. Man.

    That bag of seeds probably led to a huge growth and spread of that strain through Hawaii!
  12. Great story man + rep
  13. It's nice to know that I did kinda in a round about way help to start something like this ( via Big Willie the " cop " and his nephews ) that has developed into some what of a tradition/legacy/legend now after such a long time back in 1975 on Kauai at Hanalei .


    Local Boy

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