Smoked With A Cop In Hawaii

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  1. First time in Hawaii 1975 , landed on Oahu and didn't like the concrete jungle there in Honolulu or Waikiki . So off to the island of Kauai and it's quiet and scenic north shore area at Hanalei .

    At that time the herb was making it's first appearance on the scene there , some good stuff but not the legendary stuff to be developed . There was "elephant " with it's super huge leaf from Oahu and other stuff that was really good . Maui Auwe ( incorrectly called Maui Wowie ) , Kona Gold , Puna Butter were not known yet .

    On Kauai I met a friend of a friend who was " cleaning up " from a bad heroine addiction and was looking really well and " rehab'd " . This guy would come to the camp ground and we would smoke my stuff I brought from California - - Acapulco Gold - - since it was as good as great hash and nothing grown there I found compared as far as taste and potency at that time .

    One day early in the morning on my way to the little store in Hanalei I spot this newly made friend headed my way as I am about to stoke up a number . I call to him and wave to come over . As he arrieves I have it lit and pass it to him . He took it and took a drag and then waves to someone behind me . My new buddy " Tad " shouts " Hey Willie " as he waves , I turned to see a plane white 1968 Ford LTD approach us and inside driving is a uniformed police officer :eek: ! ! !

    WTF I said to Tad , he smiles and in his best surfer accent said : " hey man relax , it's casual " .

    Again I ask " what the fuck is going on man ! " again I'm told , " hey man mellow out , it's casual .

    Soon the police officer is by our sides and I'm really nervous big time as Tad hands the cop the joint !

    Tad says " Willie , your going to like this "as the officer took a big hit , exhales the hit and repeats it again dragging on it and soon smiled as he felt the kick hit him pleasantly . Then he said :

    " Get in " .

    WTF ..........were am I going to run to on this the smallest of the islands you can visit as a tourist . So I get in the front seat as I am asked to sit in . Tad's in the back seat and totally amused by nervousness as I sit in total disbelieve as Willie turns to me and asks :

    " What kine dis pakalolo " ? I respond : Acapulco Gold .

    He looked at me and said in a thick Hawaiian accent :

    " I neva deed hav dis kine pakalolo ! " In a rather enthusiastic manner .

    His hands were like big catcher's mit . He was so big his thighs were up against mine on the opposite side of the unmarked police car he drove pushing me against the door , this man was about 6'8" and about 400lbs ! Then after we finished and enjoying the powerful buzz he asked :

    " You get nuther one " ?

    I roll one up as I see this guy laughing with Tad and as we talked and finished it he turned to me and asked :

    " You get seed " ? ( Hawaiian for " Do you have any seeds ?)

    Nervously I said yes , and Tad tells him where I'm camped on the beach at the county park near by . Willie said he would come over for the seeds and " talk story " , ( Hawaiian for shooting the shit conversation ) that afternoon .

    As I waited at the camping ground I spoke with traveling buddy who was friends Tad and said I was thinking on killing Tad for not warning me at first but had calmed down once I realized I was not going to get busted heh heh .

    On cue that afternoon Willie came with two of his nephews heh heh , they were bigger than Willie ! ! ! They were cool and gave me a little brown paper bag full of sweet pungent little buds that were not that all bad . I offered some of my stuff to smoke , put a little in a baggy and gave Willie it with about an ounce of seeds . He in turn gave me a big hug !

    All in all as I laid in my tent that night I began to realize the events of the day and though , hmmmmmmmm maybe this is going to be the best vacation I have ever had . Seven years later I moved there for 7 years choosing to live on " The Big Island Hawaii " . I learned a lot there over those years .


    Local Boy
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  2. Just... wow...

    Can't believe someone got to smoke with a cop. Awesome story
  3. Cool story. I've smoked with a lot of cops over the years, including a few of the local ones where I live now.
  4. ======================================================================

    Hey man :

    Yeah I can dig that too since guys like us as old as us have to have some friends who are cops heh heh . I have a few of them as well .

    On one occasion I saw a friend drive into the police department parking lot , I had just scored a kilo of the stuff dreams are made of . I follow him in and call him over as he had his back to me . As he walks up and says " Hi man what's up ? " I point down to my lap where sits the kilo open and in all it's glory :hello:

    He looks down not knowing whats up heh heh heh and says " What the fuck is wrong with you ! :eek:

    I put it gear and smile as I drove away leaving him shaking his head in disbelief heh heh .


  5. LOL. Yeah I'm friends with a few of the local cops. I think one of them suspects I grow because I always have really good stuff when we smoke, but he also knows I don't deal so it's all good. It's nice being middle aged and having friends in 'high' places.
  6. Wow! Crazy story.
    I've always wanted to toke along the shores of Hawaii
  7. Yo that was a mad good story man, i got into that shit while reading it haha

    Mad blazed, i give you a +Rep for a sick story
  8. i thought it smoking with a cop was casual back in 1975 lol.

    good story
  9. Oh man, you guys are lucky. I see cops around here and instantly go into a panicked "must act perfectly" mode. The cops here are so bad.
  10. wow man, thats a great story. thats so coolabout the cop and his nephews! god, havent been living for that long, but i bet those were some great times.
    + rep for the great read!
  11. Thats pretty rad dude! I love hearing about chill cops like that, but I think that one takes it to another level. If you did end up getting busted, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. Have you seen the prison on Kauai? Absolutely gorgeous location!
  12. Thnx at first I could not believe it was going down either heh heh :eek:

    Do yourself a favor and go man just do it . Go to the most remote of the islands , show respect and you will receive it .

    I kid you not I was first off sweating it big time till I saw the cop puff away and get a buzz going heh heh , then I saw in his eyes sincerity and mutual respect . It was a beautiful moment when we realized we liked and respected each other .

    Thanx to all who read and enjoyed it :smoking:


    Local Boy
  13. awesome story man.. you got alot of good stories
  14. Thanx Happy Bong :

    That's a day I truly will never forget either .

    Dunno bout doin time in paradise .....

    bubba is called Kimo inside Hawaiian slammers heh heh ,

    and I don't wana be a mahu ( Hawaiian for a gay person ) by injectiion ! !

    Nope have not and do not want to know the Kauai prison ! I have seen Hilo's jail fron a distance ugly ! The Hawaiian state penitentiary is on the Big Island of Hawaii . "Kula " ( the penitentiary) is not a good place no no no no !

    Easy man .

    Local Boy

  15. I got a million of dem a million .......... heh heh heh .

    Mahalo ( thanx )

    Loca Boy
  16. yo man, i got family on the big island bruddah :)

    Hilo bay area, but ive toured the whole western coast, and all that, one hell of an island ill tell ya
  17. Thanx Boomer Bumper:

    I was 25 then enjoying my retirement ( heh heh I figured to take it when I was young enough to really enjoy it ) and was traveling a lot from Cal to Canada , Mx to Maine , Houston to Honolulu.

    The cops nephews were really nice people to I might add , seems everywhere I went I met the best people there .

    Except for the island of Oahu ( and it's got nice people too ) where it's super crowded did I meet rude people . The public bus driver there charged me a fair for my back pack !

    I had such a great time , as I was flying home I was thinking of my next trip there asap !


    Local Boy

  18. Howzit Bra ! ! ! !

    I live on the Hilo side too when I first moved there up above Hilo in Kaiwiki an old sugar cane labor camp township . Wow so cool you have family there too .

    You could spend a life time on the Big Island and never see it all . I ended up living near Pahoa in Puna district . I camped all over all the islands . It's easy to get spoiled for camping Hawaiian style . Kona coast in the winter , Hamakua to the Puna coast diving , scuba surfing :)

    I plan to move back in the not to distant future .


    Local Boy
  19. Nice story dude. I've been trying to move to Hawaii for so long but the US are like Nazis when it comes to immigration.
  20. You've obviously never talked to anyone who tried to move to Australia. It's even harder than moving to the US.

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