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Smoked way too much for way too long

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Freddyblack420, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Ever sit and think... "Damn, I smoke way too much weed" but then that's a good thing right ? Yes but what if it starts to take over your life ?? I wake up and think about weed, I go to bed with a spliff. The thing is I am too dependant. Iv smoked everyday now for about 2-3 years not to mention the 5 years before whine I'd smoke but no wher near as much as I do now ... I mean I don't think I am ever not stoned .. I can't be not stoned because I feel "odd" or "strange" anyone else feel this way ?? Feel free to mingle and maybe we can all combat this social weirdness with stoners
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  2. I feel this way constantly, unless I am making music, that is the only area that weed helps me with anymore. Yea man I get sick of it. I have to have a joint or bowl with everything I do. Some people say "well take a little break", but it doesn't fucking work that way for me, im an all or nothing kind of guy. Everyday all day, or none at all. I feel you man its becoming a real issue. My family isn't a big fan of it either.
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  3. No man you need to look in a mirror and keep your shit together.
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  4. Real shit man, it's not fun anymore when it's taking over your life and causing shot between loved ones, relatives and all that.. I always say I'm gonna quit ! But it's always "in the morning " by the time I remember I'm supposed to be quitting iv had about 3-4 war heads .. I just need to lay off for a while and come back when my head is clear I think
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  5. Sounds like we both need a break, I've been trying, a month ago I even destroyed 300 bucks worth of paraphernalia and threw 30 doobies in the fire and I STILL came back for a relapse! Its ridiculous. I wish us both luck, im trying again tonight.
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  6. I feel you brother... I wish you the best of luck on your path of weedom
  7. Do you think it's more of the fact that you don't want to stop? Or are you just done with it all together and wanna stop? I know that sounds dumb but I think it really does come down to that question. Do I really want to quit? and if the answer is yes then you should be able to quit. I have been smoking everyday for 3 years as well and just recently went on vacation to Cali and I did not smoke for the entire 16 days I was there. Yes I really wanted to smoke but I mean if you really want to quit there shouldn't be anything stopping you.

    I don't know thats just me, I don't know your story because everyone has reasons for smoking weed but if you are trying to quit I wish you the best of luck guys :)
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  8. I actually don't want to quit ! As weed keeps me sane lol but yeh I'm just looking for answers to combat boredom smoking (smoking coz I'm bored) or coz I can lol , don't get me wrong I love weed and love smoking it but just wish I could hold out through the day til night time and get super high at night before bed , never happens though I'm high as fuck all day everyday
  9. Hey man, NOTHING is wrong with that! I smoke whenever I got time to kill during a day but I work during the day so usually I do it at right now ;)
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  10. It's 2:16am here I came to bed with my girl at 10pm since then iv sat here and smoked 8 fat joints with no intention of going to sleep , is ther something wrong with me or is this normal? Lol my eyes sting like hell so I am deffo tired lol
  11. Joints are meant to be shared man! what you smoking?
  12. Can you post a pic of the weed you're smoking? Id like to judge its quality before I give my opinions.
  13. How much a month do you spend on weed?

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  14. Nah, I spend like 20$ max a month but still, I've been high and really thought about stuff I do. I question some actions that I can improve on. Good luck bro! Don't waste too much money on weed, be smart!

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  15. This is bad picture but I could not figure out what this was... I don't think I asked what the strain was but it has a citrus smell to it though

  16. Hmm interesting. How old are you guys?

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  17. image.jpeg
    I smoke dank only ;)

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