smoked some bad pot, and later found out why it was bad

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  1. so me and 3 of my friends went over to another friends house to bounce on her trampoline and have a good time. we get there, and surprise surprise, she has some pot waiting. i roll up a j, we smoke it, and we all come to the same conclusion. this is some TERRIBLE weed. so were bummed about that, so we go out back to bounce on the trampoline. not 5 mins into it, the damn thing breaks. i dont mean like it collapsed,it straight up broke. one of the metal legs completely ripped into two pieces, and springs shot everywhere.

    it was hilarious how it happened though. one of my boys jumped, and when he was coming back down, it broke right under him, so he went from about 10 feet in the air, straight to the ground. lol. it was awesome to watch. now that we have nothing left to do, i go "hey, why dont we go smoke the rest of that crappy weed you have" (total of about 3-4 grams) we all figured that, yea it was terrible, but if we smoke it all, we might just get high. so thats just what we did. we smoked ALL of it.

    all it did was make us pretty chill, and gave us mad munchies. 20 tacos between 4 of us later, we left for home. than, about 20 minutes ago, i find out why it was so terrible. it was TWENTY YEARS OLD!! i think she found it in her moms room or something, and decided to smoke it. pretty crazy.
  2. Is it weird that I find that totally fucking awesome?
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    20 year old weed....What? Thats older than you.

  4. same thing i said. i was like "lol, wut?" i think i lost 5 years of my live just smoking that shit.
  5. lol that weed had been sitting under that couch since before i was born. thats an intense thought.
  6. which means if you lost 5 years in age, also means your too young for his board now.

    banning stick!!!!


  7. damn, 20 years old? that must've been some harsh shitty weed.
  8. 20 years old ! What did that junk look like ? Dirt ?
  9. Yeah, pretty much.

    My pops had some real old stuff, maybe 15 years old, and you can see buds and shit, but it looks like dirt.
  10. Some day when I buy my own house, I'm going to go around and hide bud everywhere.

  11. lol. for a second i was like "wow, this guy didnt get it" than it hit me what you meant. fffuunnyyyy :D

    and surprisingly it wasnt that brown. some green still left in it. i thought there was something up when i noticed how dry it was, but didnt care to question it.
  12. i would pay to smoke 20 year old buds, only once though.

  13. surprisingly, its not that great of an experience.... more of an annoyance if anything. had a headache the next day like you wouldnt believe.

  14. you know... when people smoke you out, you should be thankful they're even smoking their weed with you man.

    all i know is if i smoked someone out and they went "why dont we smoke the rest of that crappy weed you have" i'd smoke it right in front of them.

    i dont want to seem like an ass.. but yeah, be thankful next time.
    or, you could just sit out since its too shitty for your standards.

    haha, just seen it was 20 years old.
    i kinda halfway take back what i said then. but only kinda halfway.
  15. good idea. and if your ever dry you might get lucky and find some :smoke:
  16. she did offer it to me bro. she told us she wanted to smoke it all. so i merely suggested that instead of sitting on our ass looking at a broken trampoline, we could go do something else that was already planned. plus i smoked her out like 4 times before that so... ya know...
  17. I already do that, except I'm usually blitzed when I put it there, so I forget i put it there. Its like finding random baggies of joy. Its kind of like a secret stash, that you don't even know about.
  18. how could you keep bud for THAT long without smoking it? shiit.
  19. haha thats pretty crazy but what i want to know is how that weed could be chillin for twenty years? Did her parents just keep it for fun and decide not to smoke it or lose it or what?

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