Smoked my first legit strain this morning...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by vbrasta, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. And i have to say, it was AMAZING.

    I'm no stranger to chronic yall, infact all i smoke is chron tbh, but we rarely find any legit named strains, just noname strains of good bud.

    Well this morning i packed like a bowl and smoked it. Its pretty good chron and im buzzin pretty good... my friend calls me and asks me to pick him up for a ride to school, so im like aiiiiiiight gimme 5.

    So he gets in the car, i tell him if hes got bud and wants to pack up my one hitters in the center console, he very seriously just told me "pull over and check this out"
    He had some still a lil damp afghan kush from his older brothers tree. His bro just came back to the US after being not allowed in for 15 years cuz he was pushin so much weight. He's legit.

    Anyways, idk how to describe the taste. It tingled my innards, it tastes almost lemony/limey at first, then just really fresh and almost... idk but this morning me and my friend came to the conclusion the taste could only be described as "arabic" lol.

    Anyways, i was high as shit and head an AMAZING head high, it was really fucking cool.

  2. You had an amazing head high? That don't sound quite right since Afghan Kush is 100% Indica?
  3. Don't ruin it for him.

  4. =[ Damn.

    Idk, i was thinking of that this morning actually but i couldnt remember if afghan was indica or sativa.. and i mean i smoked 2 types of buds, the first no named gave my the head high, the afghan kind of completed it, making my brain feel like it was all of me.

    Idk, i just smoked another bowl of it and im feelin the same shit, im actually thinking it is more of a body high than a head high now.:rolleyes:
  5. Its the other wayaround

    Indica - head high/stoned feeling

    Sativa- body high/energetic

    Then of coursethereshybridsbut afgan is indica!
  6. From what you said that bud sound like it tasted reeal nice. I'm jelous that you got an actual strain, I only get no-name dank, pewp

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