Smoked in another country?

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  1. Have any of ya'll ever smoked in another country? Share your experiences... I'm bored so blah, why not?

    I haven't smoked outta the U.S. but I wanna take trips to Amsterdam, Bogota (Columbia), and Hong Kong.

    Amsterdam because, I mean come on, who doesn't?

    I heard Bogota are fucking cheap with their herb (I guess because cocaine basically owns all over there?). "It will cost you about a dollar for an 8th of an ounce. However that's for mid-grade weed. The good shit which they usually call red point will be more expensive like 3 bucks an 8th" ... "If you go just outside the city to the counrty side ask around like I did, I found this guy who offered me a potato sack filled with red point for about $150 bucks! I was like about to drool when I saw it there had to be like more than five pounds in there I should have asked the farmer if he accepted visa or mastercard!" GODDAMN!!

    Also Hong Kong supposedly has some cheap ass hash. "...costs around 100 $HK per 1 oz of poor quality hash". And according to Currency Converter, "100 Hong Kong Dollar(s) = 12.8937 American Dollar(s)"!
  2. Mexico and Italy.
  3. ^^^^^
    My thoughts exactly...:D
  4. I dunno man, 3 bucks an eighth is kinda high.
  5. My thoughts exactly...:D
  6. Jamaca

    YA mon :smoking:
  7. i went to amsterdam last summer.......awesome!!!! it was great like 20bucks a day and your gravy,thats for weed only. if you want some loowwwwwwww prices go to turkey, likeif you went there with a grand you be really rich inturkish dollars, its crazy i cant remmeber the exact exchange rate but its good, thats actually my plan get a shit load of dough, mamand my boys and move to turkey and live in a tree house, like a real house up in the trees,grow our weed and just chill
  8. Shit. I wanna go to
  9. Haha... that sounds awesome bro, especially with the Turkey and treehouse. You'll literally make it a treehouse.
  10. when I was in a club in russia (st. petersburg) I was talking to this girl for like 45 minutes about how corrupt the police are there when it comes to pot, anyways she ended up smoking a few bowls of hash with me

    in the bahamas I bought some shitty shwag, about three grams for 25 dollars from some rasta who was trying to sell me coupons to this real sketchy strip club, the quality was the worst I've ever had but the guy was real cool
  11. I've blazed hash in an hostel in Barcelona w/ like 10 people in a laundry room and on the balcony of the hostel. I've smoked in London like a dozen times or so in my friend's house and just picked up weed off the streets in camden town and at a club. I've smoked in Amsterdam at the coffee shops and in the park.
  12. I've smoked in peru, england, france, austria and a TON in costa rica (i lived there for about a year). as for columbian weed, definitely cheap but good luck finding anything other than dirt. but if you just want to roll really fat blunts and then sleep the rest of the day, you're all set.
  13. I live in new york and have smoked in canada, thats it.
  14. I've smoked in Curacao, St. Thomas, middle of the ocean on a cruis, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. I gotta say the best of em all was Curacao because the resort i was at was all inclusive I'd go and trade the locals a water bottle full of rum for an eigth or so of weed. Needless to say we did this many many many times everyday :)
  15. I smoked some good hash when I was stationed in Egypt. Traded an Egyptian guy that worked in the officers club a fifth of Jonnie Walker Red for it.
  16. Smoked in the UK, france, amsterdam, belgum, australia, thailand, jamacia & bulgaria.

    Apart from amsterdam the best weed i have had was from Nimbin in Australia.. the Ozzy hyrdo blows your head off!
  17. i'm going to barcelona this summer. is it pretty easy to get bud there? i've heard they have some good hash for like 12$ a gram and its pretty good.
  18. Smoked in Mexico, Grand Cayman, US, Canada, and Rome.
  19. If you go to Colombia, go to Santa Marta or Medellin, definitely cities with a more festive look on things. In Santa Marta, the Tayrona park is close, a big natural reserve people go to tent on the beach, with nice waves and tons of weed. Medellin is a nice city cause of the people, a lot of foreigners lately, beautiful women and great clubs. Take my word for it.

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