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  1. I smoked for the first time in front of my kid! Why is this freaking me out? I think it might have something to with the DARE shit these kids (my kid) are inundated with? The f*cking DA for this county lives across the street from me. EVERY Halloween he wears his DARE sweatshirt to bring his kids trick-or-treating. He's scary...very scary. The guy NEVER comes to the door...he just stands there at the end of my walkway with his hands folded over his fat fucking chest.

    I can never lose my son...he's the world to me...I don't want to lose my little sweetie because it's "illegal" to smoke weed.

    You know what's the worst part? I was addicted to Vicodin, and some other off those "legal" drugs. But, weed could get my precious son taken from me?
    What the fuck is that all about? [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Hey there, justy! Well, listen to THIS! For a few months now, my son has been suspicious of my smoking, I know he was cuz a few times he's said "what's that smell?" when I've come back inside from smoking a bowl. Every night after I get home from work, it's the first thing I do....grab my stash and head out to the garage. I have been dreading THE TALK for quite awhile now, so last night, he made the comment that I smelled funny so I sat down, and said "I smoke pot". WEll, he started crying and said "I know, mom. I saw you and **** (my friend) smoking in the garage one night last November" . He has been afraid all this time to tell me, for fear I would get angry! I have been afraid all this time, thinking he would tell someone, or think less of me as a person. We had quite the long talk and he said he wanted me to quit cuz it is bad and I could OD on it *lol* so I had to set him straight there. He just finished DARE a couple of months the brainwashing they did is definitely there... I also told him that hardly anybody knows I smoke, and as long as I'm discreet he needn't worry about me getting taken away from him. I also told him that I wasn't going to quit. All in all, we both feel a lot better now that we talked about it, and it will be nice not to have to sneak around anymore. DAMN the laws! It just doesn't make any sense, does it, that cigs and alcohol are legal and they have killed tons of people, but mj has not killed anyone, it's a PLANT for god's sake! (this is the same thing I told my son, too.)

    How did your son react when you smoked in front of him? Was it on purpose that you did, or did he "catch" you? Anyways, you ARE a good mom, like critter said. And he knows you love him very much. That, my friend, will make everything ok.
  3. I know EXACTLY what you Ladies are sayin'!!!! Our 11yr. old was having the same fears as yours stonygurl!! Damn D.A.R.E. has 'em so pumped full of fear and guilt, they are a mess. After we had "The Talk", he is no longer fearful, and actually resents some of the mis-information they "fed" him!!
    I took him on the web, and let him see a Lil' from my point of view!! He has a MUCH different point of view now, but also realizes the need to keep these opinions to ourselves!!
    Also had to explain to him that NONE of my Herb expenditures support Terrorism, as the few that recieve my Herb money are local, and patriotic!!!! :smoking:
  4. Just to clarify:

    Tobacco is a plant too, which is in cigarrettes (obviously) and alcohol is made from plants, like barely and wheat, and so is cocaine, from the coca plant, and herion from the poppy. So I don't really think you can say that mj hasn't killed anyone just because it's a plant.

    Don't get me wrong though, I say pot should be legal over cigarrettes and alcohol any day.

  5. Thanks all for the kind words, and support! [​IMG]

    Ummmm Stony I must admit I wasn't honest with him about it. [​IMG] I told him it was a hand rolled cigarette. Hubby and I save some money by making our own cigs...our son knows that. He's seen us roll our own before. This time though I was up in my office working, smoking a j with my best friend. My little man suddenly appears at the door...usually I can hear anyone coming up the stairs...not this time tho. Anyway, my friend and I were passing around a roach, which was being held by a butterfly clip. He says to me, "Momma, what is that?" With that I begin fumbling around for a good explanation of what he is seeing...when my friend (who has no kid's btw)...says, "oh, it's just a cigarette" So, I just agreed with her...[​IMG]

    I rarely, if ever lie to this child...I mean I had a very difficult time with the Santa Claus myth...I had to tell him last Christmas because he was asking alot of questions...and, I felt bad about maintaining the lie. [​IMG] So, now I gotta have get up the courage to talk to him about 2 things...1) My pot smoking...and, 2) He wants to know exactly how a woman gets pregnant....[​IMG] He knows the basics...but, now he wants to know exactly how does that sperm fertilize an egg that's way up inside a women's body. I think I can get a book for that question...[​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. I also had to have both "The Talk" 's nearly back to back!!!

    Sex & Drugs, he already knows about Rock & Roll!!! LOL! :smoking: And with today's Movies, he had most of the sex thing figured out!!! Guess I'm not good at censoring stuff like that!!

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