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smoked bong before 1st joint unsuccesful

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redsox1q, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I just was curious and wanted some input on why this unfortunate incident happened haha its pretty funny.

    Well me and my friends decided to get a big joint so we got a nice joint really packed and it had no problem staying lit but we literally couldnt get any smoke through it was like something was blocking it do u guys think it was just overpacking and i shouldnt give up on joints because ive been packin bowls for awhile any ideas on what happened with this epic fail haha because when we tried to inhale it nothing went through it just kept burning and we ended up with a complete waste of money
  2. too tight.
    whoever rolled needs to not.
  3. If you roll a joint too tight, it will be very hard to pull smoke, and it looks like that's what happened with you. But its nothing bad, its better than having a super-loose joint. Next time, roll it a bit looser, and you will have a great burn.
  4. ya this person i kno did it and was like ya its super packed i was pretty skeptical the joint was pretty tight it was pretty disappointing haha
  5. Sounds like it was way too tight/packed. I've heard of hard to toke joints, but never had a joint just not toke at all. Use less weed next time.
  6. Yeah too tight. When you're rolling it, just make sure there's enough wiggle room for the smoke to pass through the joint :)
  7. Alright thanks
  8. Was the joint all the way sealed?

    Lol Ive had that problem sometimes, it will be lit just fine but you cant get any smoke through, because there is a hole somewhere in the joint.

    Iunno coulda been that or that it was too tight.

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