Smoked At School Today.

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  1. I know this is one of the dumbest things you could do, but It worked flawlessly:). So here's the story: My friend Joe wanted to buy weed at school, I just told him straight out I WANT NO PART OF IT. He was okay with that and found some jackass who sold to him at lunch the same day. The next day he's like ,"I'm grounded because of bad grades and I need a place to smoke, so I'm smoking here." I still wanted no part, but I helped him out and found a place for him to smoke. It was a small room in the gym right next to the locker room, but it had a little wall that no one could see behind that I found in gym class. At lunch I told him about it and he agreed, when the bell rang we got up and went to the gym. He packed the pipe under the stands, and I decided to join in since it seemed like a decent plan. We snuck in the room while the teacher was breaking up a fight, and took 3 or 4 hits each (Holding in the smoke). Got stoned as fuck and sat through all the classes asleep... You got any school smoking stories? If so, share.
  2. Wow. During gym? I'm assuming either you live in an entirely mormon community, or you had some d.o. with you.
  3. At lunch, in my car where everybody else does it when the're still in high school.

    dude, do not ever do that again, it is the stupidest thing you could possibly have done.

    i always go out behind the Movie theater beside my school if i want a quick toke
  5. I usually smoke a bowl or blunt before school, it lasts me a good couple hours and I have time to put in eyedrops/cologne. Smoking during school will do nothing but get you caught and you will reek of bud!
  6. My school has a open campus policy so Me and some friends usually go hop in one of our cars and drive around and just smoke a couple bowls. We usually end up doing this about 2-3 times during the day due to the fact that none of us ever has class. Its pretty sweet pretty much half my grade does this on a daily basis and its really easy to find people to go blaze with. Or sometimes we just go to one of our houses and just rip some of the sick bongs we own
  7. do this errry day
  8. You have a movie theatre next to your school
    I wanna go to that school Lol
  9. does CT burnin have anything to do with CT english the school?
  10. Ya when I was in High School we would just hop in a buddies car and cruise and smoke or go to a buddies house and then be back to school by the time lunch was over. I remember one time when the MEAP test was goin on schedules were all funky and we got like an hour and a half lunch period and let me say going back to school after being out for an hour and a half was way fun...
  11. in highschool we just went outside to blaze :confused:

  12. naw
    i just burn n live in CT lol
  13. me and a bunch of other people smoked it up in the locker room showers nowhere ever went in except for the football team wayyy after school was over, But the spot got blown up and people started smoking cigs and leaving there butts so they starting eyeing the place real hard until they started catching people, they locked it from there on in, stupid people who blow up spots :(
  14. You still in high school?

    if you are, i'm assuming you go to some type of boarding school or something, with you not having class a few times a day. That's way different than when I went to high school.
  15. Cool story, sounds alright.
  16. Hahaha... +rep for gettin high w/o a care. I wouldn't get to used to that spot though ha.
  17. that's pretty damn lucky, i'm having trouble thinking of one single safe spot to smoke in my school... i'm honestly coming up with none... guess that's why i've never tried that at my school.
  18. During Lunch Me And A Couple Of My Buddies Usually Walk Across The Street And Blaze Behind The Veterans Home. School Cops Never Drive Over There So It's A Good Spot For Now.
  19. Sounds like somebody int gunna always be that luckey... Which up yor spots. In high school i would have 4 differnt spots to smoke i went to the same one on mondays and fridays cuz it was the best!!!!:D I was in the back of our school in a tree! i could be seen when i was smokin the ganja in the treetops!!!:hello:
  20. Smoked before Sex Ed class long ago, one of the funniest days of my life.

    Hearing a 67 year old man with a prosthetic leg talk about vagina's after smoking 3 bowls is pretty much the best thing ever, EVARRR . This was back in my lightweight days so I was goneeee.

    Needless too say I got sent out of class for laughing and fell asleep in the hallway, good times ! :hello:

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