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Smoked a joint which just tasted like paper?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spoofy, May 13, 2010.

  1. I rolled a joint sometime last week and i smoked just now but all it tasted like was paper.

    anyone have any ideas? the weed is good and i just used a normal tally ho rolling paper, nothing out of the ordinary for me.
  2. Bigger joints, brah. :smoking:
  3. Well are you high? Also, roll tighter.
  4. nothing wrong with it as far as age.just roll it bigger or do what i do when i roll a small one. cut the paper so its not as wide so it only goes around once maybe 1 1/12 times
  5. Cut the paper down or roll a spliff.
  6. Simple, make a fuckin' cannon!
  7. thats happend to me b4 to. i think its the bud. maybe because it was rolled for so long it dryed out and killed the taste of the bud (or legal herbs) and it just made the papper stick out
  8. How much bud did you put in the joint, cause if it's a little pinner the bud to paper ratio gets kind of unpleasant.
  9. Some weed definitely has more of a "paper" taste than other. Some papers give a strong paper taste. Someone the other day on here remarked that zigzags taste like drawing paper and although I hadn't thought about it before I realized he was right, they have a pretty strong taste.

    Doesn't really make any difference though as long as it got you high.
  10. Roll fatter joints and use less paper. It's the art of rolling.

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