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Smoked a joint, 10 minutes later almost fainted...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by brydon, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hey.

    I've been smoking 3-4 joints a day for the last 5 months and never experienced sanything like this.

    About 10 minutes after I finished my joint, standing in the kitchen, making my buritos, all of a sudden my vision starts going fuzzy as all hell and I felt very lightheaded, over the next 30 seconds my vision went to the point where I couldn't tell what objects in front of me were. Almost fell over, had to lean on the bench. Broke out in a massive sweat, practically drenched me.

    2 mintues of thinking "holy shit I think I might die" later, I was fine. My ears were hissing for like 20 minutes though.

    All I had the whole day was a drink at breakfast, would it have happened because of that? No energy to be high or something? Haha.

    Sorry for my first post being my own thread btw.
  2. that is commonly referred to as a (near) whitey... not enough food & just the right amount of weed will do that :p
  3. Yeah bruh, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, you pass out, it balances out, you carry on
  4. I'll make sure I don't smoke on an empty stomach again. Cheers, dudes. :wave:
  5. I doubt it , there hasnt really been any scientific evidence that it does.
  6. I had the same exact experience yesterday! I would compare it to the feeling you get when after being seated for a while you stand up really quickly and get a massive head rush, i ended up stumbling and kicking my friends dog dish over.
  7. Along with eating, make sure to drink plenty water.. I have had this happen a few times and it always seems to happen when I am fairly dehydrated.
  8. Whenever I'm laying down and get up too quick I go blind for a bit, it can't be healthy :smoking:
  9. Sounds like a whitey my man, not a lot you can do to prevent except eat well, drink well, and don't smoke as much x)
  10. Yeah probably just low blood sugar. You just need to eat and drink before hand.
  11. That's pussy shit man, you didn't even faint or were close.

    Almost fainting is you can feel your WHOLE body tingle,your hearts racing to keep up, it feels weird to breathe but you do it deeply anyways to keep calm, your video goes black, you sweat like a mad man and get so hot, you get INTENSE ringing (almost enough to hurt) along with throbbing until it all slowly goes away and you look back laughing.
  12. [quote name='"justatoruser"']that is commonly referred to as a (near) whitey... not enough food & just the right amount of weed will do that :p[/quote]

  13. Interesting. I guess that's why I almost passed out before, I didn't have much for breakfast that day.
  14. #14 brydon, Aug 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2012

    Yeah, it was like that but 100 times worse. Worst feeling ever, man, isn't it!?

    That's Pretty much what happened. My parents were standing next to me as well so while I was on the brink of passing out I managed not to. Would have been bad if I had of just passed out in the kitchen in front of them. Probably would of forced me to quit.:eek:
  15. might be hypotension happens to me sometimes even when i dont smoke
  16. you must have been high as hell. that, in combination with a blood sugar drop, lack of energy, and dehydration can knock you to your ass. nothing to worry about, just make sure you prepare for your smoke session better next time
  17. you just can't handle the ganja man, I'm sorry.

  18. "don't smoke as much" LOL that's not gonna happen.:smoke::hippie::metal:

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