Smoked a bowl joint tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by IlikeTV08, Feb 17, 2009.

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    yes, and it was amazing. reminded me of the cross joint in pineapple express cuz the joint and the bowl would light up together lol

  2. Nice Si. Fg2 or Fa5? FG2 FTMFW.

    I never seen a joint in the carb, just the bowl, but I'm sure it works the same.
  3. its in the choke cuz theres weed in the bowl

  4. Seems like a waste of weed to me.... Joints waste weed more than bowls, and your smoking a bowl and a join at the same time through the same piece... That's just wasting weed 2x as fast.

    Fuck just smoke the joint normally, or out of the bowl like that, then smoke the bowl.

    Silly stoners...
  5. Yea why not just pack a couple bowls
  6. gotta have fun once in a while
  7. So you never answered my question about the fg2 or fa5...
  8. idk dude aint my car lol, its red
  9. hahhahhahahaha its a civic
  10. thanks for the great idea though im going to use a blunt
  11. was it really "amazing".. i mean it seems like a cool idea for a second.. i think i tried this years ago but realized it doesnt get you any higher than if you smoked a couple bowls in a row. and wastes weed.. but some people dont care about that
  12. I've done this so many times..
  13. thats a big ass carb
  14. Its the apex of the vortex...
  15. Hmm you could stick a joint in the bowl AND the carb for double joint smokin.
  16. hahaha.. its like gods vagina
  17. "that is the future of joint smoking capabilities". "it's burns at the same time forming a trifecta of joint smoking power".

    Hahaha name that movie
  18. I do that a lot with roaches.

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