Smoked a blunt with my substitute teacher

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    ive known this guy for like 5 years, his name is A. but anyways, we would always talk about dank weeds and i knew he puffed. after school today, i was walking home because im poor, dont have a car, or license (it got suspended, i can get it renewed but again.. im poor) and im not allowed on the bus' (long ass story).
    well, he was a sub for the freshman english teacher, and he was driving by, and he slowed down as he passed me, and pulled onto the side of the road. he asked me if i needed a ride home, and i said that that would be cool.
    as he was cleaning off the seat, i saw a chillum. i happened to have like .7 of some danks on me (i hardly go to school with weed on me, but when i leave it at home my brother always pinches a little.. i never mind but i wanted this to my head)
    well i asked him if he could swing by the store so i could pick up some stuff for dinner. as we pulled in, i asked "wanna smoke a blunt?" and he was all for it.

    i walked in, bought a game, came out. the sub pulled out an eighth of some danks!! i rolled that game into a perfect blunt. about 1.5G blunt, but i never weigh that shit out.
    the thing burned for about 40 minutes. we just clam baked his car in my driveway talkin about how shitty my school is and stuff haha.
    after i told him i might see him tomorrow, and he just told me to keep it on the DL... and i will. but i tell everything to GC :smoke:

    pretty awesome experience. ive had some gnarly times with other subs too (broke into a Hotel while hammered drunk with FiveOnIt and a different substitute, so we could use the hottubs)
  2. haha thats awesome. sounds like a fun ass time :)
  3. Lol sounds awesome man

    Where the hell do you live though? You got some crazy ass teachers
  4. Word up. I've talked about the herb with mad teachers hahaha.. I was talking to my teacher about acid aha. saw a picture of a microchip and I was like acid! and he's like nay Microchip, acid would absorb through your skin.. and I was like :eek: You eat the dosage. he's like yeeep. Everyone smokes weed and eats mahl and asyd
  5. i live in the DIRTY NEW HAMPSHIRE lol. they are cool but its cuz ive known them for mad long and theyre only like 4-5 years older than i am. it was pretty awesome haha.

  6. Lol did you get held back or somethin man? Or have you just known them since freshman year?
  7. na, my brother is 4 years older than me so i was kinda introduced to his crowd at a young age. they just all know me and know im exactly like my older brother haha.

  8. Ah ok
  9. I'm calling New Hampshire news station right now.

  10. New Hampshire up in this bitch as well :hello:

    Wonderful place ain't it....
  11. I really hope his name isn't actually what you posted... I doubt theres many substitute teachers in New Hampshire around that age with that name. You've narrowed it down pretty hard and I'd image this guy would be hella pissed you've risked him like that.
  12. lmao of course its not his real name

  13. Reppin NH myself as well, where you guys at? I might be going to UNH next year but I'm just outta nash

  14. Yeah, I guess you right. What kind of parents name their kids A?

  15. dont wanna danger any other people :p who knows if theres an archer as a sub in NH.
  16. New Hampshire is dirty lol. I remember chilling at a buddy's house in Nashua and his dad came down and started smoking with us. I was a little sketched at first but it was pretty chill. Btw how did you chill with FiveOnIt? Isn't in like California?
  17. yeah right now he is, he lived in sweden but was in NH for like a year and we chilled a shit ton then he went back to sweden. then he moved to cali i guess, havent talked to him.
    when we broke into the hotel i was 16 haha.
  18. One of the chillest storys i read here bro. Woord

  19. That's awesome and you should FEEL awesome. +rep.

    (No one gives out rep anymore. All about the likes. :( )
  20. Wow that's pretty awesome man. Now that I think about it, a few of my substitute teachers in high school probably were stoners. One guy especially was probably on other stuff as well.

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