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smokeable types of tea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chickensupreme, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I have an abundance of hash and am tired of having to use tobacco if i want to smoke a joint. Is there types of tea that would suit the burning duration of hash?
  2. Abundance means you can afford to send me some correct? Haha kidding, I would honestly just stick to pure tobacco w/o additives, or smoke it in a bowl. On a toxic level, I believe green tea leaves would be your best bet.
  3. instead of TEA......I've heard of people smoking Lavender plant leaves for mild headache/anxiolytic effects.

    Orrr, you can just put two screens in a bowl/bong/whatever, and SMOKE THAT SHITTT STRAIGHT!!!

    Or you can Hot Knife it!

    hell EAT IT
  4. hot knifeing is always fun but its kind of a pain in the ass.
  5. put a Big glass drink cup in the freezer, heat up a dab of hash and let it just burn out on the tip of a needle/pin, let the smoke rise up Into the frosted Glass, the cold glass "holds" the smoke close to the sides and inside the glass for inhalation, Science, man!
  6. I really appreciate your indoor smoking suggestions but what if i want to smoke outside you know and i really hate tobacco cuz last time i smoked 2 ciggs i felt like dying for the next 2 hours. so green tea would be a good alternative??

  7. Smoke outside with a magnifying lens and a bowl with a screen or two in it!!.......or ORGANIC LOOSE LEAF GREEN TEA LEAVES....NOT NOT NOT NOT NOTTT THE STUFF IN A POUCH ALREADY. LOLLLLLLL

    Like I also said......Lavender is a good substitute also I've heard. If you have access to that,, try it Before you try the TEA....i just cant imagine tea leaves being anywhere near as good as could just use LESS baccy then and a lilll more ganj too???:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  8. weed would be my first choice bro :D sadly it cost a bomb so all i have is hash, I really don't want to use baccy for its health risks because i think i'v used enough for my joints already and really is affecting my stamina. I guess i 'll try lavender or green tea then THANKS!
  9. of course man! OR like I said, burn that shit straight hot knives or "pheasant under glass" (dab burnt undera small collld cup)

    or take SOLAR HITS WITH A MAGNIFYING LENS, need Direct Sunlight though!...just like burning ants as a little kid man!
  10. haha those methods sound fun for summer, gonna try them all out ^.^ solar hits just sound so INTENSE!
  11. [​IMG]
    i've used this as a joint filler once. it didnt taste bad, in fact it actually added a nice cinnamon taste to the smoke
  12. sounds and looks delicious! :D did you feel sick or bad after it tho?

  13. no. actually in fact i might try this again since i have some really shwaggy weed right now that tastes absolutely horrible, hopefully this gives the smoke a little taste boost

    edit:666 posts:eek:
  14. that shit must not even BE weed if you're desperate enough to Smoke Processed TEA bag TEA mixed with it to Taste Better and be easier on you.......

    I remember when I was like 10 or 11 Oldest... my neighbor friend who was a year older, was smoking a cig he stole from his pops back then, so i stole one from my mom, lil punk i was, hah......

    finished em, later we wanted to smoke another cig, he just went and got some tea, think it was green, black, and white tea with some lemon zest in it maybe, shit tsted like burning death lungs and got smoked by "That Guy" thats at every situation like......
  15. hahaha i wish i didn't have to smoke tea too lol but it sounds interesting with the various amounts of flavor and i guess it would definitely better than cigs, unless tea makes u infertile too haha. Well thanks guys :D
  16. The main thing that lowers sperm count is Temperature......not weed, not cigs, not booze, not smoking TEA! LOLOLLLLLLL........
  17. Rofl haha i feel way better smoking those cigs than knowing that i didn't potentially lose a rocket scientist or another 2pac. :)
  18. You could use catnip. No joke, it tastes pretty good and is a great filler for joints.
  19. [quote name='"Bogz"']You could use catnip. No joke, it tastes pretty good and is a great filler for joints.[/quote]

    I thought I was the only one who has actually done that, man.
  20. Its hash bro not weed...

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