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Smoke without the smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by UndercovrSmoker, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. I know that in a perfect world, nobody would ever have to cover the smell of marijuana but in reality, smoking without the smell is sometimes necessary. Here are a few tips to do so.

    1. Use a pipe or bong, no blunts or joints.
    --joints and blunts give off much more smoke then pipes and bongs, so be sure to use a pipe or bong when trying to smoke without the smell.

    2. Cover the bowl with a quarter right after hitting it.
    --If you light a bowl and don't cover it, it will often let off smoke which of course adds to the smell. Be sure to cover your bowl with a quarter, lighter etc. quickly after hitting it when trying to smoke without the smell.

    3. Smoke outside
    --pretty self explanatory, smoking outside allows the smoke to dissipate in all the surrounding air and is perfect when trying to smoke without the smell.

    4. Smoke by a window
    --second best to smoking outside, smoke by a window and blow all the smoke you inhale outside. Be sure to close the window after because an open window in the middle of winter could be a dead give away that someone was trying to smoke without the smell.

    5. Turn on the shower.
    --Smoking in the bathroom with a shower on can help reduce the smell. The steam released by the hot water from the shower absorbs most of the smell and is very helpful when trying to smoke without the smell.

    6. Use a sploof.
    --Using a sploof (toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets) greatly reduces the smell of weed when trying to smoke without the smell.

    7. Don't forget a towel!
    --If smoking inside be sure to close all the doors in the room your smoking in and cover the bottoms of the doors with a towel. If a towel is not available clothes or a small animal can be substituted when it is necessary to smoke without the smell.

    8. Fan
    --Use a fan to blow the smoke where it needs to go (out the window possibly?) when you are trying to smoke without the smell.

    9. Spray some shit
    --I personally use ozium which works pretty well but anything is better then nothing, spray something to cover up and/or eliminate the smell of pot when attempting to smoke without the smell.

    10. Use a vaporizer
    --Probably the easiest way to smoke without the smell, if you can get your hands on a vaporizer then it should be really easy to smoke without the smell.

    11. Cook with your weed
    --While I'm not sure if smell is released while you are cooking (use extreme caution :p) once you have the finished product (example: brownie) then you can consume it anywhere without any smell at all (even school). While technically this is not smoking without the smell, it is a good way to get high without any odor.

    12. Change your clothes
    --If you smoke weed and then go somewhere where you don't want others to know your high be sure to change your clothes and if possible take a shower.

    Remember to use all of these tips in conjunction with one another and if you are smart about it, it is surprisingly easy to smoke without the smell! :hello:
  2. nice , well put together thread

    but kind of unnecessary lol

  3. hahahaha, I literally laughed out loud when I read that +rep for making me laugh
  4. lol i didnt even notice he said that, good list though even though there are like a million of these
  5. Sploofs FTW that has to be one of the better pot-related inventions in the last few decades.
  6. Most of it is common sence that I know, back in the day I used to smoke in the shower; eventually got caught after a long time and me being careless. Next I moved outside which is the best thing to do, I always hid my stash outside which helped too
  7. looks good! only thing i may disagree on is the use of a bong. I dont know about you but when i rip a bong its big and on purpose. they stink in my opinion.
  8. When the hubby and I smoke before a show or when we are in the car while traveling, most of the above options don't work. We have a solopipe which has a small cover that open/closes over the bowl. When we take a hit we immediately close the cover, and then exhale through a "hello neighbor" filter. My car will smells like oranges and nothing else lol. A bit more sophisticated than the above options, but it is the most effective at eliminating odors from smoking.
  9. lol i sleep with my window a little open so i get fresh air (it's cold as fuck, yes, but i have tons of blankets) and so my blankets are nicer, and my dad came into my room yesterday mornint (more like noon actually) and asked if i was smoking. wtf no, i was asleep until you came in! this morning when he came in he noted how cold my room was, so i said 'yeah ive been smoking'. haha sorry, unrelated but number 4 made me think of that

    good thread though thanks
  10. lol nice i never thought of turning the shower on all those times i smoked in my bathroom
    1 thing i would do when i would be smoking in my room is use straws and blow the smoke out of my window with my joint hand near the window was quite gd when watching a move and fun
  11. lol
    i remember back when i had to hide weed from the parents...

  12. I took my Dad to see Paul MccCartney last month and some guy next to me offered me a joint. I said "No, I'm here with my Dad." Some other guy offered my dad a joint and he said "Can't, I'm here with my son."

  13. Then you should have looked at each other and said "why the hell did we both just turn down a joint?"
  14. spot. on.
  15. also you might wanna re edit to not use bongs filthy bong water makes everything smell like it
  16. You do realize you're responding to a thread that hasn't seen new posts in over a year, right?

  17. haha thats hillarious. true story?

    Ide say the best possible way to get high without smelling is edibles. I live at home with my parents for a few days a year when i transition from where i live in the winter to my summer house so I am always dying to smoke since I use marijuana to helpwith my anxiety and insomnia. needless to say i usually get very little sleep when home BUT-

    i just found out about this today- I cant make edibles cuz it reaks the house up-

    FIRECRACKERS! no, not the 4th of july shit. take ritz crackers or a cracker, put some peanutbutter on it, take some nug and press it into the pb. put another ritz on top with more pb so it seals all the weed inside of the pb and none of it is showing, this way the weed smell doesnt escape. then just wrap the fuck outta it in tinfoil and bake it at 325 for like 10 mins or so... just keep check on it. ovens are all diff. It doesnt stink anything up at all. Im able to make them even with my parents home.... I jus cook something else at the same time like a tuna melt or something non-interesting so they dont ask to have some or are interested in what im doing since usually when I cook my mom freaks out with excitement since im a 21 year old male. Then i just pop one of those babies an hour or so before i go to bed and im set. I usually use about a g per cracker sandwich but its up to you

    I know a ton of you shtheads are gonna hate all on this thread but seriously- marijuana is illegal and believe it or not, not everyone lives alone and or in a spot that if the smoke is lingering around landlords are just "cool with it". Not everyone is born with massive knowlege on marijuana and even you tough potheads who hate on everyone whos underage or living in a non 420 cool situation have been in the situation before... just remember that
  18. sorry for double post, if someone really wants to fix it, be my guest but to this- every time i have a marijuana question and i google it, the top link ALWAYS ends up being rollitup.org or grasscity.com forum stuff. its very useful. so granted no gc users have posted on this thread it has prob still been viewed a ton by outside ppl being linked from google. its actually how i came across this thread today trying to see if there were any other ways then firecrackers since they dont really float my boat tastewise
  19. How long will the smell last?
  20. The only thing i don't think works is the quarter on the bowl - assuming this is on a spoon, etc...

    if you put a quarter over the bowl, smoke is still gonna exit out the mouthpiece....the only way to really not get smoke is to smush the bowl out after each hit.

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