Smoke Shops Are WAY Overpriced

Discussion in 'General' started by TexRx, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. There are a few smoke shops in my area that I have gone to over the last few years
    And the prices are always high whenever I compare them to prices I see online
    For example, a 5-pack of electronic cigarette atomizer refills costs $20 at my local store...But if I buy direct from the company's online site, they are only $14 for a 5-pack
    And typically, I don't pay tax online

    And this is typically what happens with any product I look up online ~ it's always cheaper online

    I'm to the point now that I'll go online and shop instead of going to my smoke shop
    I end up feeling ripped off at local shops. I pay tax and I use some gas, too

    Anyone else encounter high prices at your local smoke shop?

  2. Thats how businesses work. they need to make their money right?

    It makes perfect sense to cut out the middle man though, i need to start getting used to buying things online - especially when there are key sales - instead of paying for the convenience of buying instore... which isnt usually that much of a convenience hahah

    Its like anybody that grows... why buy from the middle man dealer for an inflated price when you can essentially grow it for super cheap? In the end its all logic.
  3. they arent gonna sell it for the same price they buy it? ever heard of profit? business' need it lol..
  4. dude my xbox live cost 10$ per month and i have to call them up to cancel because they auto bill me if i dont..

    if i buy the 12 months card its only 60$, half price, makes sense bill gate$
  5. OP, you are sooooooo right smoke shops are so incredibly over priced..its like 30-40 dollars for a decent bowl..and its like wtf...? it's just cause they gotta make a profit somehow..

    you should totally just buy your stuff online, its cheaper and you probably can find more variety...

    or i go to this festival every year called comfest that has a bunch of local glass blowers that go and sell their stuff, and since its coming straight from them, the prices are a lot cheaper. like i got my favorite bowl of all time there for 20 dollars and it's lasted me quite awhile!!! so you should find if where you live has the same sorta thing! :smoke:
  6. Yeah, they are. And It's a real fuckin bummer.
    But the grocery store is overpriced.
    Music CD's are overpriced in stores.
    Clothes. So on, and so forth.
    I pretty much think EVERYTHING in stores is WAY overpriced.
  7. There are certain smoke shops that I refuse to go to because their prices are retarded and you can't talk them down but quite a few new smoke shops have opened up that will always cut you a deal so I just stick to those.
  8. We have a very good smoke shop in our town and I love shopping there. Prices are comparable to what is on line. The shop owner always throws something extra in the deal for me...a free lighter or a bowl or whatever. I bought a vape and a nice bong and all my supplies there. Works for me.
  9. i befriended the dealer at my local smoke shop and john now gives me 40% deals on all the bongs there if i wanted to purchase them to smoke "tobbaco" innit
  10. smoke shops are about investing in our community and becoming know -.-. ur buy ur freedom
  11. You have to include shipping online though, it's usually close to price then. As said before about knocking prices down, they could mark them up so if people want to haggle they will still get the price they want.

    If I could find a good online place to buy glass though I would, easier than driving 30 miles to a smoke shop

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