Smoke sesh with a cop

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by msmypls, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So yeah he wasnt on duty, but it still counts. A few brownies, and packed a few bowls, and my night was off to a good start. this was a little while ago but still, never wouldve seen it coming in my life, most cops i know are complete douches and are 100% anti-weed.
    anyway, he was tellin me that when he was in highschool he smoked all day everyday, and continued to tell me that when i go to college that i should, if anything, smoke more lol. Soooo my friend cop is my enabler; fuck you government!
  2. Cant tell if troll or if legit.
    If legit thats pretty tight! I wonder what his reaction would be if he saw you smoking while on duty?
  3. I used to party with the sheriffs department when i was 16, fun times
  4. Somehow....

    I don't believe.
  5. dont believe if u dont want. but if he caught me on duty i doubt he would do anything, probably try to scare the fuck outta me lol

  6. Why wouldn't you believe. Not all cops are anti pot douche bags. In fact, most know that pot isn't a big deal. If you treat them with respect, they will respect you back. I have smoked with an off duty officer before and know another cop that is completely chill with me smoking pot.
  7. watch the little fucker knock on your door tomorrow morning and cuff your ass
  8. Dont cops get pee tested?

  9. every week, which is why this is a lie haha.
  10. its not hard to get around a shit pee test like they are probably using lol
  11. [quote name='"Avy"']
    its not hard to get around a shit pee test like they are probably using lol[/quote]

    Actually it is pretty hard to get around one, they're not so easy to fool
  12. they dont pee test every week. its once ever year. I know because im good friends with a pot smoking police officer.

    Not all cops are bad. Just the ones that thinking smoking weed is as bad as smoking crack are the awful ones
  13. I believe it. everyone is quick to call troll on this site.
  14. I think this isn't a troll. obviously not everyone is the same so why would all cops hate the herb but to think that one smokes regularly i doubt that but i know cops toke every now and then just like civilians
  15. thats cool OP!!!
    I think GC has turned to the "troll hunter"
    Every thread with a semi hard to believe story is immediately flagged as a troll..
  16. Yeah well, fuck it lol i just thought it was a cool mention. im sure plenty of others have had the same experience.
    when it comes to drug testing, they do it once every few months, not exactly sure, so he can afford to smoke if he times it right
  17. In Philadelphia at the New Years Mummers Parade I saw a cop in uniform puff in a joint. I highly doubt it was a cigarette.

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