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Smoke kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killakay, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Can you smoke just kief in a bowl? I have no weed or tobacco or ashes or resin before you say that.
  2. Just think about it...its TINY, way smaller than the hole in your bowl so chances are good when you pull on your piece you'll just get shit on and more importantly waste precious kief.

  3. Your basically fucked. U need to make a stopper lol

    YEARSSSS AGO I knew this Indian kid named Parth that liked to use a pebble to cover the hole but not too tight and then kief it up all day lol
  4. Like the first guy said its small so it gets pulled through easily. so you need something under it. Have a screen of some sort?
    Good luck
  5. Rip up a small piece of paper. Get the fuck over it being paper.
  6. ok so stop the hole in the bowl with PAPER? okay... since i have no screens and the pebble requires going outside(its been raining nonstop for a while)
  7. just wait till u get some weed man shit
  8. If you have papers rip off a corner piece and crumble it into a ball. Don't make it too tight though otherwise it'll taste harsh. :hello:
  9. #9 Iluvatar, Dec 21, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 21, 2012
    You should really use a screen, if not you will have to pack it small and very tight(pressed down)..and don't pull hard on the bowl
    I can't say I agree to smoking paper, tho

    Maybe try hot knives?

    Once when I had the smallest bit of resin on the bowl part of my piece, I just scraped some of that downwards into the bottom of the was just enough to provide a buffer between the kief and the glass

  10. yeah man ima scrape the little resin i have and try to use that as a barrier
  11. my mom took forever to go to bed, so i just toked up now (1230 eastern) got one decent hit, then smelled burnt beard hair
  12. You burned your beard?!!..or are you saying it just smelled like shit?
  13. i burned my beard, which is rather substantial, since i havent shaved in 50 days or so and im a hairy mofo. i realized it quickly though, and i still smell it, but it wont linger for long right?
  14. Haha that reminds me of when my hair was long I used to burn the tips of my bangs all the times from hitting a pipe

  15. hahahaha I remember those days
  16. Resin kief rips get me by when I'm outta bud
  17. i used catnip instead. it was ok
  18. niceeee. hahaha.
  19. Stoniecat approves of your use of catnip. Lol
  20. If you have enough kief you could compress it into a ball bigger than the hole

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