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Smoke it all or not???????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smallwonder, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering what evryone thought:

    Is it better to smoke all your weed as soon as you get it?
    Should you save and conserve?

    Under what circumstaneces is it ok to smokie all of the bag you just got in a day or two?

  2. when you have money to buy more.....
  3. well under certain circumstances its good to smoke it all if your with a bunch of friends who gave you money but if your just kickin back by yourself just smoke till you got a good buzz cuz if you smoke too much you get a headache after the buzz and that always sucks
  4. Just smoke till your stoned man, when you feel like your goin down smoke more. Thats the only advice i can give ya.
  5. that's what i do. and if it's gone in a couple days then get more. if your low on the cash fund~ use wisely! i hate bein completely out. doesn't happen often. i usually end up buying a bag just before i run out. a small bag a week is what i usually smoke. cheaper than smokin cigs. man i have to quit smokin cigs. they're like 10 bucks right now.
  6. i always like to have a surplus i can dip into so ill hide like a joint outta my bag in my room nd if im compleltely out i will smoke the hidden joints
  7. Its always good to conserve your sack but its always better to roll a whole dub for one session!

  8. hear hear

  9. You get headaches from smokin "too much"?

    Wow.... never heard of that.
  10. There is a saturation point when your body will not absorb anymore THC and it will just be a waste. You'll probably feel drowsy and pass out. You can only get so high, but if I (a poor college student) were you I'd conserve conserve conserve!

    But if you have money, call some friends, roll a fat one and smoke the shit outta it.

    peace, love and happy tokin'
  11. smoke your weed with others and others will smoke theirs with you

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