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Smoke in my eyes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hyp, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Okay so i'm new to the whole joint thing, all my life i've usually just used spoons and bongs. Anyone else get smoke in their eyes while toking the jay? How does this not bother you? It kinda burns my eyes a lil bit...:/
  2. Oh my god. I hate that so much. It happens its like fuckin lemon juice in your eyes! It burns and my eyes red and get all moist. And then they probably smell. Just dont put your head down while toking. If you do close your eyes for a few seconds. Keep ya head up and it wont happen as often, until it gets down to the very end then by that time its burning my finger and my eyes lol
  3. I have never had that happen
  4. this always fucking happens to me

    im gonna have cancer in my left eye
  5. when i use to smoke cigs this would happen even the shit hurts
  6. Same.. I never try to duck it though :confused_2:
  7. I did once. I was relighting it and took a big hit, and got a huge smoke cloud in my eye.
    burnt like hell
  8. Always happens to me, gotta toke it with your head sort of tilted back, or move the joint away super fast once your done pulling, or else it seems to pool RIGHT in your eyeball and fuck does it hurt.
  9. This happens all the time when I'm smoking a cigarette in my car and I'm sitting at a red light or stopped anywhere. It hurts like fuck. I've never really had the problem with bud though.
  10. That used to happen to me all the time... especially when I got down to the end
  11. Dude, that happens to me and my friend all the time, since there's like no breze to make the smoke go away. I'd just close my eyes lol.
    but once me and my friend were really stoned and smoking still.. and i was like "god dammit, i'm so fucking tired of this smoke in my eyes"
    and she was like "hold on!" and ran and got these huge ass swimming goggles.
    it worked amazingly!!
    but the funny part was later she tried blowing the smoke out of her nose and it went into the goggles.
    Amazingly cool effect, but i was like "hey, isn't that the whole reason we got the goggles.. to NOT get smoke into our eyes..?" it was GREAT!
  12. haha I agree, its terrible. and it only happens to me with joints to. never with blunts. strange.
  13. I had that problem sometimes when I first started smoking cigs. Now it just happens occasionally, either with cigs or joints. You get used to not holding the joint under your eyes.
  14. there's only one sure fire way to prevent this;

    contact lenses.
  15. I hahahahahhaahahahhaTE that shit. Happens whenever I smoke joints :( But its always alot of fun till it happens :eek:
  16. It's happend a few times to me as well.
  17. That's one thing that happens to me all the time. I don't smoke too many J's but even when a blunt is almost roached it will go right into your eyes. Shit sucks.
  18. I pretty much exclusively somke joints, spliffs and blunts and i am usually outside and face away from the wind. If im inside i just toke through the side of my mouth.

    Funny story : my friend blinded himself for about 26 minutes because he thought he could do some gangsta waterfall and just blew smoke into his own eyes. He cried. So did i (with laughter).
  19. So, you still cried. :p

    So I have burned many a these and I don't get smoke in eyes as you guys have clearly explained it here. I just chill on many a one and don't get that. (Maybe contacts?) So :smoking: Do it. Like Nike...
  20. only happens if your laying in bed smoking or looking down, fucking kills tho

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