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  1. i'm back home for a couple weeks visiting and staying with my parents. the room i'm staying in is right above their room. if i use a onie, sploof, and blow out a window, can they smell it. i'm just wanting to know if the smell will go through the floor into their room. also i'm sorry if this isn't posted in the correct section! i'm very new to the site. thanks :)
  2. ^I fixed it for you.
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  3. LMAO. that actually isn't the case though.
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  4. Then light it up.
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  5. If I was trying to keep my smoking on the down low I would try some of the following as these tricks served me well.

    First make a sploof and exhale your hits through it. A sploof is dryer sheets jammed into a paper towel tube or a plastic bottle with holes in the bottom.

    Be sure to pack only tiny bowls. Single hit kinda bowls. That way you leave nothing but ash and nothing is left smoldering or stinking.

    Open a window to use as exhaust for your hit. Open it just wide enough to allow the sploof to sit flush against the screen of the window. Now blow your hit through the sploof and out the window. Blow hard enough and pretty much no smoke will blow back in.

    Using insense on a regular basis will allow you to use it when you smoke. They make spray that cleans the air of dank pretty well, head shops have it. Ozium I think it's called?

    I have also heard that using your hits to fill a garbage bag works pretty well. Just hide it in the closet and open the bag in the morning and there is no smell.
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  6. Funny thread!!, I flashed on living with my parents, hiding my smoke from parents---- 50 some odd years ago!! LOL!!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, nolan39. :)
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  7. the garbage one seems neat. never heard of that one haha.

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  8. I guess sprinkling chicken shit all over your floor is out of the question? LOL

    sorry :)
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  9. LMAO

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  10. Can you not just get a vape cartridge for those times when your visiting your folks?

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