Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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    "They asked me how I knew

    If my true love was true

    Oh, I of course replied

    Something here inside

    Cannot be denied

    When your heart's on fire

    You must realize

    Smoke gets in your eyes"

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  2. Well that was certainly thought provoking. Good read.
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  3. BNW
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    The Counselor looked up at the telescreen above the Ministry of Plenty. It read:

    Buy More Now.
    Buy now and be happy!

    He got out his card. They had him by the short hairs now, and they knew it. He didn't care. "You are a man, not a number," he thought. Sure. In your dreams pal, in your dreams.


    He put down the copy of Max Yield Magazine, and stood up. A sister of the order of St. Mary waited in the doorway.

    "Tinctures and extracts?"

    He nodded with a grin

    "Good. Isle on your left."

    He thought back to the apocalypse of the re-uptake inhibitors. Those had been dark days indeed. And then the war on synthetics. He had certainly not come through unscathed.

    "Oil syringe again today, Mr T?"

    "Indica only please"


    On the way out of the dispensary he took one last glance up at the screen.

    "Blessed of the State
    Blessed of the Masses
    Buy now and comeback soon"

    He understood everything now. Ounces were supposed to be measured in tenths. They had Always been measured in tenths. And as the tears welled up in his eyes, he realized at long last that he loved Big Brother.

  5. ^^^^^^^Does that mean you are a "high irish"..........or you are just trying to portray that you are "highish" in an asian tongue....??
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  7. I AGREE with alll of that........but LOVE THE "Boondocks" reference......
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