Smoke cave in my room (picture)

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  1. So In front of my window I have this huge heavy ass curtain cause it gets really sunny in my room. (picture below) It's quite thick and covers a large amount of space. I've done this a few times but I want you opinion of if this negates any smell from going into my room and possible into the hallway.
    -Put towel under door (window is like 13 feet from door)
    - Open window and have fan blowing out.
    - Go INSIDE the curtain so it's around me basically creating a small room with just me and the window.
    -Leave window open for a bit after smoking.

    Do you think this should eliminate all smell? I mostly just smoke bowls and my bubbler but occasionally a joint.
  2. wheres the picture?
  3. Picture----

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  4. A curtain won't eliminate a smell. You're just gonna have a curtain smelling like bud.
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    go to a pet store and buy some active carbon pellets and make a carbon filter with it. make sure you wash the carbon a few times to get rid of all the dust (the dust will cause black lung). blow through that and it should eliminate most of the smoke and smell. the more you use the better it will work. also make sure you have holes big enough to not get clogged after minor use.

    its like a sploof but it wont make your room smell like dryer sheets and weed...

    and the towel under the door is key. i tied the ends of my towel so it would unravel and be easier to use. doing that allowed smell to escape. smoked in my room for 8 months before getting caught due to the towel not making a good seal.

  6. You really think the smell will go through the curtains? I always keep my window open so they would air out through the day
  7. Or you can make an igloo outside and smoke in it...That would be sick, be all hotboxin' an igloo and shit.:cool:
  8. Yea I do it the same way occasionally(too hot or cold to toke outside, etc.).
    I don't even have curtains or a towel under the door, and it still works great with just the fan sucking the smoke out

    So sounds fool proof, just do it when you have privacy(when you normally masturbate lol) so nobody crashes your sesh...
    And keep some febreeze on deck in case someone does storm in

  9. cold boxing :cool:
  10. [quote name='"Badfish90"']A curtain won't eliminate a smell. You're just gonna have a curtain smelling like bud.[/quote]

    No, he has a fan blowing out the window, and uses the curtains to keep a small pocket of air to smoke in so it is immediately carried outside.
    I think it will work as stated in my above post, I use a much less advanced form of this method.
  11. Is that an mj plant?

  12. Exactly my thoughts. Thanks for clearing it up man!

  13. Nah, it's called dwarfs umbrella I believe.
  14. Good, I was gonna say that defeats the whole purpose of hiding smell.

  15. I do have common sense....

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