Smoke a bong?

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  1. Is it just me or does this term "smoking a bong" aggravate you.

    Seems like it should be smoking a bowl from my bong.

    Granted, smoking a bong is shorter to type.

    Hm..just my .02

  2. It doesn't really bother me. It's just easier to say "smoking a bong" instead of adding "bowl from my".
  3. smoking a bong bowl. problem solved
  4. Its definitely excess work to say a bowl from...

    Nobody says smoking a bowl from my pipe either. Sounds like they way George Washington may have said it.
  5. ^ yea but they do say smoke a bowl.

    Not smoke a pipe.
  6. When did I say they do?
  7. When did I say that you said that? :confused:

    Im not saying that you said that.

    Im just making the point that you (people) say,

    "Smoke a bowl" as opposed to "Smoke a pipe"
    "Smoke a bong" as opposed to whatever else you could say.

    Shit it isn't that deep, I just wanted opinions.
  8. so just say smoke a bowl and be referring to a bong without saying bong. that was a mouff full
  9. no no no no don't lose me now

    you don't smoke bongs. period. you smoke weed.

    you hit bongs, of course.

  10. Oh you were the original poster, I must be having a nicer high than I thought.
  11. better yet - Bongin'
  12. I guess I was Bongin' then?
  13. There you go.

    Hit a bong totally slipped my mind.

    This seems more logical.

    Well no it doesn't, but at least it sounds better.

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