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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by telluride toker, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. Hey, I just found some weed (not mine) which appears to be from the 1930s or so. I've heard that bud goes stale, but I've never had any around long enough to find out. Is it still smokable? How about for use in brownies?
  2. fuck dude, i have no idea. but how in the hell did you get your hands on 70 yr old weed? i mean really? i would think it wouldnt be worth it, but whatever

  3. that was an exaduration. (sp? sry, I'm high) It's old as fuck though.
  4. if its not moldy, i think it gets better with age, like wine:D
  5. HAHAHA, i remember me and one of my buddies were looking through his parents matchbook collection when we were like 12 years old...Anyway, we found some super old roaches in there and smoked em. hehe, they must have been at least 10 years old and they didn't do shit. But i encourage you to try your weed. ENJOY!
  6. My mum smoked a J which had been left in the dresser drawer for about a year or two. She smoked that and she told me how people were coming through the windows and shit with knives. HAHA

    Similar thing with my Dad. He lives in Holland, so on the last day of a visit I left a half smoked joint for him. He forgot about it and then a few months later he took it to work and sparked up.
    He tells me, that he first of all puked up and then spent the rest of the day at work sat on the floor :D

    I say you should smoke it though. Worst thing that could happen is you won't get high. The s4cond worst thing is that you could get really fucked up and puke like my dad, or hallucinate or somethin like my mum
  7. look for mites and mold
  8. Yeah dude, weed gets better with age
  9. ooooh what i woudl give to find an old baggy of weed left from 2 years ago right now...

    its been MONTHS since my last proper toke.

  10. I remember that road, never a pleasant one GM, I know something will fall from the sky soon (looks to the sky and prays for a pound of weed) heheh In the mean time, I'll send some of my High Thoughts your way *tries in vain to use telepathy to transmit thoughts... starts getting headache ouch!*

    Good luck, and keep prowling those high schools ;) Or hey, you may even meet up with me and my friends as we blaze in the local parks with a few pizzas and some vanilla coke... but I'm getting off track and making myself hungry!

    Good Luck, and your wait, I'm sure, will not be long!
  11. just remember anything is smokable in fact i proved it to my friends the other day and smoked some pizza crust(just a little but enough to make my point)

  12. Word.
  13. By the way and for the record...
    Really old weed doesn't work. At all.

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