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  1. Hello everyone :wave:

    I here a lot of talk about "change" to the site or whatever :laughing:

    Well i thought it would be cool if they could add a few more smileys,
    sure we got a few basic ones but would it be to costly (idfk about running a fourm) to create a few more smileys?
    Just like maybe more smoking smileys, shit like that

    Thatd be really cool :D

    (Fuck i just remembered dont paid members get more smileys?) well if thats the case create more smileys for them and me!
  2. I'm a paid member and I don't get extra smileys...

    If you want more there are smiley extensions for Firefox as well as numerous free websites that you can add smileys from...
  3. oh word, i saw a few special membs with cool smileys so i put two and two together :smoking:
    And yeah i actually have a bookmark on one of those websites... put its not as convenient to goooo to my book marks, cliiiiiick on it, and cooooopy the url, ESPECIALLY when im baaaaaked:D

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]



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