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Discussion in 'General' started by Zeneb, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. I know that this site tends to favour drugs of the green variety but i know some you guys have done other drugs. Right now i am kinda intrested in dabbaling or trying summit new out, i have done a few thigs before but not much. So if any you could suggest summit i could try or advice then reply thanks.
    Thanks from a very adventorous peep
  2. i understand your desire to experiment..but please, for gods sake educate yourself before you put something into your body..

    will tell you everything you need to know, including first hand experiences etc etc...

    i recommend salvia.
  3. Thanks alot there is so much info on that site and so much to look at i have been on there an hour already. Can i ask ahev you ever done nowt else ?
  4. Acid (LSD) is awesome, Speed/Coke is completly diffrent from weed, it's a lot more hardcore. Opiates may feel nice, but those really do fuck you up if you get addicted (which, by the way, isn't very hard to accomplish).
  5. I always thuoght that addiction only came bout if you well werent that strong minded :S
  6. a physical addiction has little to do with the mind...when you get addicted to certain things, it actually HURTS your body to stop...extreme you think in order to survive you have to take you should be careful...keep readin..find stuff the good and the bad...weed is just fine for me, and no, i have done nothing else, except for salvia, and i see no need to do anything else.
  7. I agree with Namron on this.

    Educate yourself first, then decide if you wish to try new things. I haven't tried anything but weed and speed. I only do weed now.

    Some drugs work differently on people.. What may be good for one could be the worst for another!
  8. I completely agree with namron and Bud Head on educating yourself before attempting to venture out into the world of drugs. I myself have done everything imaginable except for crystal meth and huffing paint ( I always kinda thought that was stupid.......but thats just my opinion).

    And you have to remember that the first time you do anything, be careful because you never know how your body will react to it. I myself have been on the coke binge from hell for the last 3 days. So today is my mellowing out day so I'm doing oxys and weed just to try and come down off all that cocaine.

    Just remember that drugs can be fun but they can also cause alot of heartache and pain at the same time. But if you handle it responsibly, then you should be ok.
  9. i have tryed some pain killer my freind had for his arm which was fun, but dangurous seein as how pain killers are addictive. i wanna try shrooms. to lazy to type more.
  10. ...i dont remember what i was gonna say, im stoned, what do you expect?....

    *looks back at post*

    oh yeah!!..flowerchild..damn, you be careful too..coke for three days?...i guess im just stuck on weed, or just have too much fear/respect for other drugs, to actually try them, like coke, like acid, like heroin...i dunno...BE CAREFUL!, i know they would bring some pain and heartache if you didnt come back one day.and yeah, handling it responsibly is important.

    i clench my teeth too much when im stoned..i love listening to pink floyd and tool when i get sotned.
  11. I've done all kinds of different drugs but MaryJane is the only one for me now. I'm with everyone else on learning about stuff before you take it but also remember what Bud Head said about drugs and how not everyone reacts the same way to each one. You just have to be careful with the risks you take in life. If you decide to do something new, be smart about it.
  12. the list of things i've tried...

    opium (only once)
    speed (only once)
    pain killers
    coricidin (NEVER DO CORICIDINS!!!)

    how many of them i was educated on before using...

    pcp, opium, and pain killers

    i definately agree with being educated about something before you put it into your body. i wish i had been, but hey... i was a stupid teenager... and now, i'm an educated one :D

    i did lsd once and got beat up while i was peaking... didn't do it again for over a year. my friend and i both almost died when we mixed speed and pain killers... so yeah... it can be dangerous. i have never, nor will i ever put something up my nose or in my veins. too much fear...
  13. I have had to do pain relief before not gonna go into many details but i wudnt mind trying sommet like smack or morphine when i aint in hospital ad actually need it i mean i have done the comedown off morphine after been hospital for 3 mnths plus several times before but i just want to give it a shot wen i aint in pain to see what its like. i know i want become hooked on the shit cos i know whats its like to be on it but i just wanna see oh yeah i want to try speed
  14. try shrooms! they are soooo fun. when i've done them, i got like a complete feeling of ecstacy. i haven't taken E before, but shrooms made me......i want more... ;)
  15. I havent had a reall opportunity to truely try it rommies even though i had some

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