Smelling Your Farts

Discussion in 'General' started by Wheeler420, May 16, 2014.

  1. anybody ever smell their farts and enjoy it i just here people saying that and think their nuts but i dont know do u ever?

  2. no....

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  3. Yes... Cup your hand in front of your bare ass hole, and let one rip.   Quickly (with your hand still cupped) lift your hand up to your nose and whiff in big.
    The pleasure is quite...pleasurable.
  4. Good god you started a thread about this? Damn, I thought i did not have a life.....
  5. I thought everyone likes the smell of their own brand  :confused_2:
  6. What a ripoff of that South Park episode

  7. 10/10 thread would read again
  8. Yeah that's how I know when I'm ripe
  9. My nasty farts turn my wife on. No joke.

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  10. Oddly enough a friend's nephew loved to smell ass gas (his and others :-/ ) He had No shame passing gas around people.
    He was WAY too happy and did that shit WAY too often. He's becoming a teenager now so thankfully he hasn't done it in awhile. I'm just waiting till he brings around his first girlfriend so I can embarrass the shit outta that little turd.
    :laughing: jk
  11. This explains my situation when I'm chilling with some females
    LOL some funny shit haha
  12. I don't enjoy smelling any fart.. 
  13. Like a gentleman (or any decent human being) should.

    @[member="Trafizz"] I'm soo with you on that!
  14. Yeah I'm a gentlemen, but I can't lie -- this shit hurts my ass.
    MMMM good ol' cup-a-fart.  Even more pleasurable when sharing with others. ;)
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    I tried the cup technique but ended up with a handful of watery shit.

    But since we all like our own brand, I gave it a little taste and sure enough, I could taste the salsa from last night :p

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  17. I bet OP really does sit in a corner and smell his own farts he just wants someone to admit it first.
  18. Lol all this cup-a-fart thing reminds me of the South Park RPG. Cartman teaches you to use "magic", I.E cup a fart and hurl it at your opponent for huge damage :D
  19. Farts stink. Don't go out of my way to smell em. But I also don't hold em in all day. Whenever I get into a long term relationship I always fart it up and lay down the rules, no fart holding nonsense.
  20. Said fart sniffer used this technique frequently, only he called it a "fruit cup".

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