smellin the rag

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  1. this is something i've wondered for awhile, but haven't really been answered on it around my boys.

    can you smell when a chicks on her rag? like... i'm sure they're being sanitary, but I feel like I can fuckin sniff that shit every time. Its fuckin gross but like.. is it just smelling it or am I picking up on the fuckin hormones and shit?

    and I always wanna fuck before I know they're on their rag, wtf is up with that?
  2. Smellin the rag? Da fuq
  3. Its called pheromones
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    "when a chick's on her rag?"
    how old are you? 12?
    no disrespect but
    they're called pheromones.

    PS, is there a forum for 30-40+ professional female stoner/soccer moms?

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  5. It's a saying... He doesn't have to be 12 to use a commonly used saying
  6. sorry. I'm old. I don't understand. senile?

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  7. You seemed to understand right away then called him 12 for saying it

    to please the geezer crowd :wave:

    I feel like a dog catching a wiff of someone elses territory
  9. Then you are. Just like everything else in life you have to own that shit man!!

    Idk what I'm on about
  10. "Hey you kids! get off my lawn!"

    old, but extraordinarily FABULOUS geezer.
    XX kiss kiss XX

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  11. We keep talking about old people and periods and old people on their periods but we aren't coming to answers. We need answers damn it!
  12. When she's on the rag never let her fry the ragu, which will have you under some type of spell. Crying "dag-boo" her name on your back in a tattoo -DOOM
  13. Here's the explanation. men can smell fertility. women can smell when a man is turned on.

    Your body unwittingly secretes chemical compounds known as pheromones (the term comes from Greek words meaning "transfer" and "excite") that play a profound role in sexual communication. We rely on cells inside the nose to detect pheromones. Known as the Vemeronasal Organ, these cells detect pheromones and transmit the information straight to the brain.
    Guys...keep in mind that these sort of things, are all signals of when a female is ready to mate. It is just more evident in the animal world, as that is really the only way the males can tell which one in the herd is in heat. ( I can just imagine a male Lion ovulating or should I do it with another minx tonight?).

    What usually makes a female smell, well, "strange" is when she tries to cover the smell by using menstrual products that are made to "mask" the odors. Ask any doctor or ask uncle Google. that perfumy shit not only makes it smell worse, the consumer is putting herself at risk for a big 'ol bacterial infection. double stinky whammy.
    someone asked.

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  14. Smell is how people subconsciously choose their mates also. And birth control can mess up the smells you find attractive and the ones you don't find attractive.
  15. speaking of phermones,
    "Sex with Monkeys"

    If a woman had sex with a monkey, getting pregnant and giving birth, we would be able see what mans early ancestors really looked like and include actual photographs i scientific volumes dealing with Neanderthal man. Due to the mixing of species, it might not be possible to produce offspring or it might be more likely if a man had sex with a female monkey but this would be much less fun to watch. Due to father/mother percentage variations we would probably need about 50 women to do it to get an average. We could put the babies on an island with hidden cameras and see if they invent the wheel and discover fire. Call it Monkey Island and sell series rights. Another bonus would be enough actors to produce footage that would make the opening scenes from '2001 A Space Odyssey' look like a primary school play. I would call mine Manky as it is a cross between man and monkey and I would teach him to love.

    this weed is pretty good after all.

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  16. I guess my answer wasnt sufficient
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    I've only ever noticed it once. It was a very odd, distinct smell. It was rancid, I'm not rude enough to say anything but after about an hour it became unbearable and lingered. I made an excuse to get out of there. I don't know if she had an infection or was unsanitary on what but it wasn't what I would consider a normal odor.
  18. If men can smell fertility then wouldn't they notice it when a woman is most fertile? I.e. before her period. Woman are not most fertile on their period. The womans body has realized the egg wasn't fertilized and out know.
  19. absolutely.

    Studies have found large changes in cues and behavior when a woman is at this stage of peak fertility. 
    Interesting fact: studies also showed lap dancers get much higher tips (unless they’re taking birth-control pills that suppress ovulation, in which case their tips remain lower). The pitch of a woman’s voice rises. Men rate her body odor as more attractive and respond with higher levels of testosterone. (hint to menstruating women: just say no to perfumy shit that's supposed to mask smell...just makes it smell bad/funky/NOT NATURAL).

    The fascinating thing about this time is that it flies under the radar of consciousness. Women and men are affected by ovulation, but we don’t have any idea that it is what is driving these substantial changes in our behavior. It makes it clear that we’re much more like other mammals than we thought.

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