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Smellin a rip

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drybananna, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Dealer says he's got some really dank white widow and purp haze for 30$/g

    idk, does that sound right?
  2. well pure white widow is incredibly rare, and purple haze isnt a strain anymore, so you decide :cool:
  3. Oh, what's purp haze now then?
  4. Go for the widow bro. It gives an incredibly body buzz along with an epic head high and tastes phenomenal. Although I have a feeling your dealer is pulling your leg because of the purple haze. Oh and 30/g? Sounds waaaaaaaay overpriced to me.
  5. Likely just a strain that has been passed around as Purple Haze. It really could be any strain, but not the real Purple Haze. Personally, I've smoked White Widow and can tell you it's one of the best smokes I've had to date. You should just peep each strain and then decide.

    And $30/g? I know prices differ, but in Minnesota I would never pay more than $20/g for danks. But if that's what's common in your area, go for it.
  6. Tell him you found the same shit for $20/g from someone else and unless he matches that price you're going with someone else.

    Also make sure you inspect the bags, legit dealers will let you do this. If it doesn't look like dank, politely decline and find someone else.

    Don't expect to do business with people you turn down though, so make sure you know whats up.
  7. I love how people say that "purple haze isn't a strain now but it was back in the day" :laughing: I know all ya'll are basing that off of some Hendrix lyrics, and "purple haze" wasn't herb to Jimi by any stretch of the imagination :laughing:

    Any haze cross with a purple color as a dominant pheno could conceivably be referred to as "purple haze," and the person calling it that wouldn't be entirely incorrect.

    This isn't that big of a deal but just an example of how bad info spreads on the internet, I guess. :laughing:
  8. my sister *if shes not bullshitting me, but i dont think she is* is getting purple haze at 2g for 25.
    also saying she can get white widow, but im not sure if its the same price.

    either way, 30 a g is pretty pricey...
    you'd think people wouldnt go any higher than 20, 25 tops if you like being a mcasshole.
  9. everyone knows the jimi song was about LSD... and also the original purple haze strain is extinct. you could say you have a haze thats purple but you cant say its strain name is purple haze and be legit cus then thats not true

    oh and to answer the question if its legit white widow then its amazing i hear its one of the most potent buds in the world. but not worth 30 a gram. no bud is worth 30 a gram lol. hash and other cannaproducts could be a different story but bud it worth 20$ tops
  10. Meh w/e. Could be $30...a gram could get you high 3-4 separate times from using spoons or bubblers....maybe even more with bongs who knows. That's not terrible, especially with low tolerance gets you blazed.

  11. Exactly^

    Purple Haze and White Widow are two of the most common strains for dealers to claim they have. I would personally check out his product with my own eyes and be the judge myself. Maybe even ask for a sampler. But shit if he isn't legit as fuck then he probably doesn't have real widow and purple haze isn't a strain anymore.
  12. Do you have even the foggiest idea what you're talking about or are you parroting internet forum rhetoric that has no basis in reality?
  13. ditto
  14. around here it never goes more than 15 a g and thats top of the line so in my opinion thats a rip off
  15. agreed, unless your somewhere with jacked prices, norm is 10/g, 15 for some taxed chronic
  16. You are strait trippin if you buy a gram for 30 bones, it's wrong

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