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can my neighbors smell the weed(nuthin fancy)growin in my house it's about 10 plants

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  1. exactly how strong is the average smell of some regular buds if grown in the house will my neighbors smell it if i lived in an apartment
  2. I couldn't vote as you didn't put a place for maybe!!
    There are a lot of variables involved! :smoke:
  3. Some strains smell a lot stronger than others, for one variable. IE super skunk SMELLS. =) But also you have to factor in heat, ventilation, etc.

  4. If there is a chance they could smell it, odds are they will. Better safe than sorry.
  5. BPP missing a few of them top branches eh.......He He He lol.
  6. Absolutly....

  7. It sounds like your screwed man that really sucks


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