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  1. have 5 lowryder2s flowering!very worryed about the smell.its ok now but wat can i do if the smell gets bad? n e idears?
  2. get an ionizing filter,
    ie. air purifier, it'll help
  3. carbon filters are certainly the best method.. ionizers can be expensive with bad results.. if they are just five lowryders you might be able to do what I did once and go to walmart and look in their air purifier section and buy a HOLMES odor filter fan... like 20$ and I would put a dryer sheet over the intake and do a little adjustment on the filter kinda using the old one with better activated carbon... I have used this underneath the landlord in a basement apartment flowering about 20 plants at a time(big bitches)
  4. Ozn-Jr. and odor killing gel is working for me.
  5. Ozone generators can be very harmful to humans and pets.. That is an expensive rough choice too make.. so be wise(charcol filters would work better and be cheaper)..

    What is this Gel sounds pretty cool
  6. il get a air purifier!thanx 4 the help lads.
  7. An Ozn-Jr. is a small appliance and is safe to use. It costs about $75.00.

    You can get the gel at any decent hydro shop online. Open the lid and let it do its job.
  8. Sounds Like a pretty cool gel I will keep my eye out... So this Ozn-jr where can you get that.. how much ozone does it put out and is it part of an inline duct system for you????
  9. Just google Ozn-Jr. You'll get many hits. It's a small device about the size of a small book. Just plug it in and go. It has a 10 min on/10 min off cycle.

    I got my gel and Ozn-Jr. from Discount Hydro on the web. Best customer service out there.

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