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  1. im thinking about growing one plant in my closet. will it smell a lot? will it start to smell in my room?

  2. it depends on the genetics and such. i just grew a male out and you can't smell it literally at all. no smell. unless you put your nose against its leaves. however a female will probably smell a lot more than a male so I suggest if you are going to grow at all get yourself a fan/carbon filter setup. 
  3. Depends to some degree on the strain, but more importantly on the plants maturity. When the plant begins to grow buds it will start to smell noticeably. Growing in a closet you are going to need fans to suck in fresh air and fans to draw air out, and the outlet fans will need some kind of filter, carbon, ozone or something else. You may not need the filter right away, but eventually you will.
  4. Depends on who's sniffing.
  5. I just finished an auto-blue mystic grow and they only smelled slightly of plants until harvest, once I cut into those bad boys my entire place stunk like lemons. It depends but I think you can usually get away with smell if it's one plant. Worst case scenario. one thing of ONA gel will probably do you right.

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