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Smell proof?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrjiggyfli34, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow tokers,

    I want to start an interesting little topic for all my friends out there who still deal with toking in college dorms or toking at home with the rents :D

    Now we all know about sploofs and dryer sheets and fans. I wanna hear what everyone does to make sure no one finds out they are lighting it up!

    My best method, i blew into a sploof straight into a dehumidifier, it was pretty good, a little stink but not for long.
  2. I suggest using my good friend mr mason jar to put weed in
  3. What i do when i go back home is a take a hot steamy shower take my spoon and smoke it with a window to outside open
  4. I used a sploof out my window then ate some oranges/clementines back when I had to hide things haha - the strong citrus smell from the oranges would cover it up pretty well and they took care of the munchies for a while haha
  5. the shower method works ok... i use to smoke and blow out the windows or up to the ventilation, spray air freshener then take a steaming shower and leave the window open.
  6. I smoke outside... it's amazing my room never stinks of weed, must be a miracle or something!

  7. hahaha yes i prefer that as well, but i will get in the mood where i just wanna lay on my bed and toke while i watch a movie or somethin
  8. You know what, I know exactly what your talking about. Half the time I smoke I just wanna have a relaxing joint/blunt as i lounge on the bed and watch or listen to something. Luckily for me I don't have to worry about my room smelling of weed so I can do this at my leisure!
  9. take a shower, take your damp towel after and put it by the door ( on the floor to close off the opening ) then light two or three fragrant candles. or make popcorn and open the bag in your room!

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