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Smell on fingers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weeeddd, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Is there any way to get the smell off your fingers after smoking a joint?
    Maybe my senses are just heightened but i have washed my hands a bunch and my fingers still stink..:smoke:
  2. a rubbing alcohol wipe from a first aid kit works wells, or any rubbing alcohol for that matter. Just put it on a towel and wipe your hands.
  3. Wash your hands with soap then put on a strong smelling lotion.
  4. this thread fucking rocks. you all have only 1 post ahahaha

    but seriously, to answer your question, washing with soap or using a sanitary wipe should get it to a point where you can't smell it unless your hand is right up at your nose. If you want NO smell whatsoever (in case you are afraid someone might want to smell your hands) some good old alcohol based hand-sanitizer always leaves my hands smelling chemically fresh!
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  6. Me and my boy have a routine, we toke, come inside, use a sooooft dish scrubber with some soap (it feels GREAT), mouth wash, and febreeze our smoke jackets one time. Just cause :D

    But yeah jus scrub em up with the dish scrubber. It feels amazing and gets the job done, we end up yelling at eachother for taking to long, so pay attention to how long you've been doing it for lol.
  7. Hand sanitizer. I always have a bottle of that in my room or my backpack... Plus just rub it in your clothes too and it wont smell like weed.
  8. Do you by chance have OCD or are you just really paranoid of getting caught?
  9. We've done it forever. so iunno, it just stuck.
  10. Yea man just wash your hands with warm or hot water and soap. then apply some Alcohol hand sanitizer. That will get the smell cleared out:wave:
  11. Thanks for all the responses. I usually use hand sanitizer as well, but I think I can still smell it, I guess that's just if someone decides to sniff my fingers though...
  12. It probably does still smell alittle bro. Better safe than sorry. BTW Blu just got on that Q-Tip/J.Period mixtape hes getting recognition. Not to thread steal im just happy lol.
  13. The reason you might still smell it is from other sources. I find that often my hair and/or face smell as well. That might be where your residual smell is coming from.
  14. Yeah you're right bro. But a few times I toked and put on two layers of a strongly scented alcohol based hand sanitizer and a couple hours later I could still smell a lingering hint of weed on my fingers. It's fucked up.
  15. Ijust use regular hand sanitizer or soap and water and it gets to a point where the smell isn't noticeable unless your fingers are basically up your nose. Chances are you're going to be paranoid and the scent is a lot stronger to you then it is to others (subconciously, that is).
  16. the best kept secret: hand sanitizer :wave:
  17. yea these guys pretty much got it covered...but...there is always the alternative...stick ur fingers serious...wen i have no soap or sanitizer on me and i have to go home i rather my fingers smell like saliva then weed..
  18. If theres none of that stuff around then just rip some grass out the ground and smash that up in your hands and voila, no more smell!!!

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