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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Trillstoner420, May 27, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I wanted to ask I'm planning on growing cannabis outside in my backyard garden around 3 plants from attitude seeds they are Blueberry Gum by G13 labs, OG Kush by Humboldt, and a free seed by UFO it's Northern lights x Skunk and my question is should I be worried about the smell it's gonna be in a open space and I'm in Canada
  2. i live in canada..right in the city & filled my whole problem, its going to smell pretty strong in sepember & october
  3. So would I have to follow the flowering time or no since its outdoors ?
  4. if you are growing outside for the whole grow nature will take care of flowering, it usually starts mid july to beggining of august
  5. Depending on where exactly you're located zone wise, I'm in S.Ontario and plants don't start flowering till roughly the second week of August, if you're flowering in mid July then your probably growing an autoflower strain!
  6. Just look at your light schedules. Once it's starts to get around 14/10 plants will start to flower.

    Also yes your plants will stink. Anyone that knows what fresh pot smells like will notice.

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