Smell of nirvana White Widow and Ice?

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  1. For all of you experienced individuals, would you recommend nirvana's White Widow and Ice for a low key indoor grow? I would def. be using a carbon filter, but I am a little worried about my smell as my parents visit my house all the time. I would only be growing up to four trees in Veg. and four in flower at a time.

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  2. The smell isn't that bad on the Ice. I have 4 going right now. Bought the 5 feminized and 4 popped. They grow VERY sativa. They also are taking awhile to get done. They are also VERY dependent on a proper feeding schedule. Feed them just a little to less and the whole plant turns yellow fast. Try and fix it and give them to much and they burn very easy. I am going into 9 weeks of flowering now and they have an easy 2-3+ more weeks before their done. I am not sure if they will start smelling worse in the next few weeks. They didn't really start getting the frosty look until after the 6th week, now its coming on strong. I don't know if I would call it a fuel smell like they advertise its more like a skunky/spicy with a "wang" smell, very sticky. If you do go with the Ice make sure you remember it will grow 3x taller before their done after you put them in flowering room. all 4 plants grew, look, smell the same.
  3. Here is a couple pics of the Nirvana Ice at 9 weeks of flowering.

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  4. Those are beautiful. What type of odor control do you use?
  5. Yep, Nirvana Shop, great people and stealthiest shipping, almost a month shipping time for me last year though.

  6. None at the moment. I am going to be hooking a couple up soon though because of another strains.

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