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  1. i live near a lake that i'm thinking of doing a guerrilla grow at. the thing is the BEST place to put a plant is only about 7-8 feet from a walking trail that's used pretty frequently. on each side of the path the brush is pretty thick and it wouldn't be directly visible unless you really looked hard. and with all the poison ivy and pricker bushes and bees most people would be pretty deterred from straying off the path but i'm wondering about smell. with all the other smells and stuff around do you think people would pick up that it's there? the spot really is perfect it would direct sun from sunrise to sunset.

    and i know deer will eat plants but what about other critters. theres a good sized goose and duck population as well as swans, beavers, muskrats, painted and snapping turtles, etc
  2. People will smell it walking by once it starts to flower, especially if its skunk or ak or something like that. Some plants (nettles especially) smell a bit like ganja so may cover it up or choose a strain that doesn't smell so much like Northern Lights but I still think its risky growing that close to a path.
  3. yeah find a better spot, why not just go deeper into the woods? and as for critters, i had like 12 healthy, leafy sprouts down the barn. go down there this morning and what do i find? knubs with mice poop in the pots. sneaky fuckers man, every one of gods creatures loves the ganja i guess. good luck.
  4. Sorry to hear bout your plants, I lost 8 to rabbits I think couple of years ago. Went straight through my wire fence.
  5. guess i'l try and scope out a few more possible spots. man i wish there werent so many houses everywhere

  6. Just take ur time finding the perfect spot. U will eventually find it.. good luck:smoke:
  7. your best bet is to go out all winter looking for spots, then when spring comes try to guage how much light will reach your plants by looking at the leaf buds on the surrounding trees. That's how I do it anyway lol
  8. it wont be the smell that give you away ........ more then likely a dog walker or a couple of kids....
  9. find during summer, that way you know what it will be like, while your girls are growing.

    during the fall prep the site.. dig your holes, add your nutrients, manures, and amendments, then it let "cook" over the winter.

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