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Smell less dank? Wtf is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TazzLAzz, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. It has a smell. But it doesn't really smell like bud. Just smells kinda green if you get me.

    It is dank. Orange hairs. Crystals. All that good stuff. I just took a few hits. It burns smoothly. And has that taste to it. Same taste as that super dank dispensary bud.

    But why would bud have no smell? Is this some special strain? Or did my dealer like leave it outside all night? Or do something to take away the smell? I seriously don't get it. I have had weed with low smell. But never DANK with almost NO smell.
  2. Probably left it out not bagged or jarred and the scent tapered off.
  3. some strains just dont smell as pungent, its a quality of the strain or an effect of the cross if its a hybrid.
  4. not cured yo.


  5. Read op again. Pretty sure he cured this shit.

  6. read it again and i have no clue what your talking about? he never said he cured it, i almost garentee thats the problem.

  7. edit: woah didnt realize you were op, but still my message stands, if it smells very little or like hay it hasnt been cured.

    fuck idk why i made this a new post

  8. Forgot to add. The reason i am so sure it is cured is because of the taste. And the smoothness. This bud goes down super smooth. And i have never had uncured bud that tasted like this. I am positive he cured this stuff.
  9. probably an effect of the cross if it's cured
  10. Smell isn't everything :rolleyes:

  11. Never said it was. I actually like this shit a lot.

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